Love Birds

Two days back I had a beautiful experience that again made my faith and belief in the law of attraction strong. Life is unfolding its magic everyday and I am grateful to the god that I am experiencing this magic everyday.

On 30th August 2015, I was glancing through some old pictures saved in my phone, which I do regularly because it makes me feel so good, I came a across an image of a pair of beautiful yellow parrots (Love birds). It was an image with good morning message which I had received from my friend few months back on whatsapp. At night before going to bed I saw that picture, I was so happy. I showed the picture to my mom and said “See, how beautiful these parrots are”. Mom also loved the parrots. They were really beautiful.

I love images of plants, flowers, animals, birds and nature because they are so beautiful. It was an awesome feeling to see the love birds. After sometime I fell asleep. The next day I just forgot about the parrots and got busy in the day’s work.

In the afternoon, I was studying in my room. My dad was out in our compound for some work. It was around 1:30 pm and dad came in running and said look there are beautiful parrots outside. I said “What?”. Dad again said “Yes! There are parrots outside our house”. Dad came in to take the digicam so that he can take the pictures of the parrots. It was really surprising because for past many years we have never seen parrots at our place.

I took my phone and rushed outside to take the picture. When I went outside, I was delighted to see a pair of beautiful green parrots (Love birds) sitting on the electric pole opposite to our house. They were at a distance but we could see the parrots clearly. I took the photographs but they were not clear. However, the pictures clicked from digicam in zoom view were clear. You can see one of the images here below along with the image of good morning message which I mentioned above. I tried to find the source of the image on the web to mention here but could not find one.

Few minutes later the love birds flew away as if they came specially for us and get the pictures. Universe is amazing. Simply amazing. I don’t have enough words to express heartfelt gratitude for god who shows us magic everyday.


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