Relationships – Do not try to change the person

No one in this world is perfect and no one is same. All are different and unique in their own way. No two persons in this world are same because they are not clones or duplicates but human beings. Many times relatioships get affected due to our tendency to make efforts to change a person or to expect something that is not in the nature of the other person.

When we try to change a person in any relationship, we forget individuality of the other person. We forget that everyone has the right to have their own way of looking at life. We forget that we are also not perfect in all areas of life but we expect perfection from the other person. We try to impose our thoughts and beliefs on the other person who has his/her own thought process and when our efforts do not show expected results then the relationship gets affected adversely.

It is very important to understand that trying to change a person means disapproving the person on the first place. Disapproval is a negative vibration and so it will never bring harmony and love in relationships. Appreciating similarities and respecting the differences is of prime importance for success in any relationship.

Many times when I see somene imposing his/her thought process on the other person, only one thought comes to my mind “Why this is needed?”. Accept the person as he or she is. Everyone on this earth has there own views for looking at things. As you have been given freedom of looking at life as you want so the other person.

If you give out feelings of disapproval for the other person, you will be more inclined to make efforts to change the person by imposing your views on him/her and then the relationship will be full of friction and negativity. Just keep yourself in the place of the other person and think how you would feel if someone deprives you from having your own view towards life, will you be happy with that person or in such relationship? Think of it.

Accepting the other person’s view doesn’t mean you are wrong in your view. Accepting the other person’s view means accepting the fact that the other person can have his/her view different from yours and this doesn’t mean that that person is a bad person.

Suppose there are two people discussing politics, one is favouring one party and the other one favouring another political party based on their individual thought processes. In such case we get to see how normal conversation becomes hot arguement when both start imposing their thoughts on each other. Each one tries to prove why he favours a particular political party and that he is correct and the other person is wrong who favours a different party. Here hot arguement can affect relationship between the two persons. It is wise to think here whether it is required to prove why one favours the particular political party? Is it required to prove that one is right and the other one is wrong? Two people can have different likings and opinion, both should agree that Yes! I have my opinion, the other person has his opinion, no one is right or wrong. This is accepting the person the way he is.

One more example, in a family there are two brothers. Both are invited to a function by a person who is not upto their status and not financially sound. Now, one brother attends the function keeping the goodness of relationship in mind and not the status and the other one did not attend the function keeping status in mind. Now here it would not be proper to think negative about the brother who is did not attend the function giving importance to the status. Both brothers love eachother and accept eachother’s differences. The brother who attended the function was not prevented from attending the function and the other one was not forced to attend the function and neither of them thought anything wrong with their individual thought proccesses because both are different person. In this case if one imposes his thoughts and beliefs on others than the relationship would get affected unnecessarily and their would not be harmony any more.

Suppose a good friend of yours forgot your birthday and did not wish you then think that he/she can forget sometimes. Rather than taking this too seriously and feeling bad about your friend that how can he/she forget my birthday and why?, accept that he/she is a human being first and so can forgot a date and a birthday. There is nothing to take petty issues so seriously that it affects relationship.

In any relationship, first be grateful for the good qualities in a person and respect the differences. The moment you start disapproving the person, you are focussing on negativity and by the law of attraction you will attract more situations where you will be more and more disapproving the person and this can bring disharmony and ultimate end to the relationship. Contrary to this, if you start being grateful for all the good things you see in your relationship and the person, more and more situations you will attract for being grateful for the person and the relationship. This will bring more and more harmony in your relationship and make it more and more joyful and beautiful.

Next time if you feel negative in any relationship, understand that something negative is in your mind and so change your thoughts and see the positive changes in your relationship. It is you who are responsible for your good or bad relationship. Rather than blaming the other person for being bad, understand that your negative thoughts attracted negativity in relationship and not the other person. To shift from negative to positive, start feeling and expressing heartfelt gratitude for good things in your relationship and see the magic. Gratitude can create miracles.

Always remember the law of attraction works all the time in all areas of life. Understand the law and make your life beautiful.


4 thoughts on “Relationships – Do not try to change the person

  1. Thank you. I hope you and everyone in this world lives in harmony in all relationships:-) We have the power to create beautiful life for ourselves and inspire people with our beautiful life so that they can also realise their own power of mind and make their life beautiful and keep the chain of positive inspirations going long.


  2. Absolutely true…i have had conversations with my wife just to point this out. Nobody is perfect…just accept the same and move on.

    There is no point trying to correct somebody if people have failed doing the same. One can give a try a few times, but don’t be hell bent on the issue.


    1. Yes. Its very easy to understand why we should not try to change the person. Unless we accept the person as he or she is, we cannot expect positive changes because disapproving a person is a negative vibe and it can only attract negativity in relationships but if we accept the person with all his qualities and focus on good ones, we can see positive changes in the person automatically. Love has immense force to show us miracles in life. So we should always try to give only love to all our relationships and Universe will give you lots of pleasant surprises in your relationships. By application of intentional law of attraction, relationships can be healed miraculously and if you we already have beautiful relations already, positive focus will enhance the love more and more.

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