Are you facing difficulty in getting your perfect weight?

There are many people who make best efforts to get their perfect weight but with no success.  This is not only for women but also for men.  We get to see many men and women who regularly go to gym or do workouts at home, do dieting, etc. but to their surprise instead of losing weight, they gain weight.  If at all they get success in reducing weight fast, it does not stay for long and after some days it bounces back with increase in weight more than earlier.

Two days back our family was invited to a Puja by one of our family friends at their place.  There were many other people, known and unknown to us.  We went to their place and got a seat in the living room where Puja was going on.  People were coming to get the blessings.  After some time, one girl came with her aunt to attend the Puja.  She was over weight and so looking at her weight, people sitting their including one from host family started giving suggestions how to reduce weight.  One person said eat only one fruit a day and lot of water and do not eat anything else for the whole day, this will help you reduce the weight.  She was really sporty to take the suggestions but told that person that even if she do not eat anything throughout the day, her weight would not reduce.  I was a spectator to this conversation.  I said to her in my mind “Change your thoughts and you will get your perfect weight”.  Her thoughts were getting her weight and feeling of being over weight was more and more gaining it because the law of attraction gives you what you give out through your thoughts and feelings.

After some time, I and the lady who came with that girl started a casual conversation as we both knew each other.  She asked me “You have reduced a lot, what happened…is your health OK?  She was so surprised by my weight loss.  I told her that I am absolutely healthy and the weight reduction is due to workout.  She was surprised that workout can give you a perfect body, “only workout?”  She asked and I said yes.  Actually it was not the correct time to have detailed conversation because there were many people around, so we ended our chat there.    That time I felt a need to again write a post with some important points that needs a consideration when you are making efforts for getting you dream weight [your perfect weight].


First we need to understand why we want our perfect weight, for which we are consciously making efforts.

We want perfect weight for the following reasons:

  1.  It gives us amazing health
  2. It gives our body and mind utmost peace
  3. Keeps us on positive frequency with good feelings
  4. Enhances our beauty
  5. We enjoy eating food
  6. Boosts our self confidence about our body which helps performing better in other areas of life, both personal and professional.
  7. Enhances our personality due to high self confidence
  8. We can wear all our favourite dresses and look incredibly beautiful
  9. As we feel good in our perfect weight, more and more good things come to us because we emit positive frequency about ourselves.
  10. Life seems beautiful

DO’S FOR GETTING PERFECT WEIGHT [this is applicable for both Men and Women]

  1. No matter how much you weigh right now, start loving your body.  Give immense love from all your heart to each and every part of your body and mind.  When you appreciate your body, you emit strong positive vibrations and those strong positive vibrations attract more and more situations where you appreciate your body and not only you but people around you start noticing the beauty in you.  You attract appreciation from people around you which makes you more and more beautiful and confident towards your body.
  2. Be grateful for your very existence.  Be grateful you have got a birth of a human being.  Be grateful your all body parts are working absolutely perfect and healthy.   Be grateful you have a healthy heart and mind which can make your dreams come true, one of which is your perfect weight.
  3. Be grateful for all the good things you have in your life right now.  Give your heartfelt thanks to the Universe for all the blessings in your life right now.  Unless you are grateful for your blessings right now, you cannot attract more good things.  Heartfelt gratitude takes your frequency at the highest and that high frequency brings your desires to you.
  4. As mentioned in my earlier post on ‘Law of attraction – Get your perfect weight’, visualize yourself in your perfect weight and give all your heartfelt thanks to God as if you have already received your perfect weight.  By visualization and gratitude, you tune into the correct frequency of your perfect weight and it must be yours because the law of Universe says “Your wish my command” meaning whatever your think and feel, you get [positive or negative].  The law is indifferent regarding positive or negative.  It gives you what you give out into the Universe through your thoughts and feelings.  So visualize yourself having perfect weight.  Visualise yourself wearing all your favourite dresses.  Give out joyful feelings NOW for having your perfect weight.
  5. If you are not habituated with visualizations, try to focus on your perfect weight by looking at the images of the persons with perfect weight and feel amazing as if you have that perfect body NOW.
  6. Eat healthy food.  We have been given so much healthy food around us.  Pick up them and include it in your daily meal like seasonal fruits, all kinds of vegetables, cereals, pulses, milk products, etc.
  7. Give all your attention in the process of eating.  When you eat food, feel the goodness of the food.  Enjoy eating and focus on the nutrition you are getting from eating food.  Feel amazing when you eat food.  Just think how much your body is nourished with the food you are eating.  When you give all your focus in the goodness of the food and its nutrients, your body accepts the nourishment and gives you the best of health.
  8. Daily workout for at least 15 minutes.  To reduce weight [those who wish to reduce] or gain weight [those who are under weight and wish to gain] or to maintain the perfect weight [who already have perfect weight], exercise is very important.  If you are having a busy routine, try to spend at least 15 minutes everyday for workout.  You can do simple workout like jumping or skipping, brisk walking, cycling [real or stationery whichever you feel comfortable], squatting and stretching exercises.  Those who love to dance can do dance + exercise ie. dancercise.  You can spend minimum 15 minutes to maximum 1.5 hrs for exercise depending upon you routine schedule.  Like right now I have more time to spend on exercise, so I spend at least 1 hour a day [at least 4 times a week or sometimes all 7 days] on workout.
  9. Whatever the time may be, just enjoy your workout.  Even if it is for 15 minutes a day, enjoy and feel amazing when you workout.  Give all your focus on the workout and keep all other thoughts away from your mind.  You should focus only on the activity you are doing and the benefits your body and mind are getting from that activity ie. workout.
  10. When you start eating healthy and regular workouts with all your heart, and enjoy it, your mind and body will feel so positive and amazing that you will not crave for unhealthy foods even if they might be your favorite.  If you come across any unhealthy food like when we are invited for meal anywhere, we do not have option but to eat what is offered and there may be food items which we might not be willing to eat.  In such situations, instead of giving negative feeling to the food, embrace it.  Enjoy the unhealthy food as well.  You are in such a situation unintentionally through your previous thoughts which attracted you this food but be grateful that this happens once in a while because you always focus on healthy food only.  So accept the situation and get best out of it.  If you have option to have less amount of unhealthy food, then choose a small piece and have it with full enjoyment.  I will give you my example, I love Pav Bhaji, cheese and cheese items, chocolates, etc.  We [ie. I and my family] do not eat these food items everyday.  We even do not remember these food items because we are so focused on healthy eating.  Two days back, we were invited to a dinner by our friends and we were offered Pav Bhaji.  You all must be knowing ‘Pav’ is made up of Maida which is unhealthy but still I had to eat that because I did not had any other option.  For me the host family’s love for inviting our family was more important, so rather than giving any bad feeling for Pav, I enjoyed the whole meal ie. Pav Bhaji because I attracted it unintentionally and I love it anyway.  Without giving any stress to my mind by thinking “Ohh! This Pav is going to get me weight.” I enjoyed the dinner with all my heart.  I gave all love to the food.  If I some times come across cake or chocolates in a situation where it cannot be avoided, I eat a small piece because a small piece also gives me immense satisfaction and does not make me feel like I had not had cake or chocolate for past many months.  Yesterday my mom brought cheese and I had cheese sandwich which I just love.  Each bite of the sandwich was amazing.  It was really amazing.  So remember, where you cannot avoid eating junk food, eat it in small amount and enjoy with all your heart while focusing on only healthy food.
  11. Whenever you see any person with a perfect weight, appreciate with all your heart.  If you know that person, you can appreciate by complimenting them and if you do not know that person than you should appreciate them in your mind.  Even if you know the person but you do not feel proper to complement on anyone’s weight or body, do it in your heart, in your mind.  By appreciating perfect body, you focus on perfect body and you attract that.


  1. Do not hate your body.  Do not give bad feelings to your body for unhealthy weight because when you give bad feelings for your body and feel dissatisfied, you are emitting negative frequency and vibrations and by the law of attraction you attract more and more feelings of dissatisfaction.  If you hate your body, you cannot attract your perfect weight because you are on the frequency of unhealthy weight.  For getting perfect weight, you need to be on positive frequency rather than negative.
  2. Do not give bad feelings about junk food or any other unhealthy food because giving bad feelings, you are attracting more of it.
  3. Do not discuss with anyone about ill health or anything which generates bad feelings about healthy or unhealthy food.  Suppose, you say a particular food is not healthy, it gives you weight then you are unintentionally focusing on what you do not want ie. unhealthy weight and you attract more of it.
  4. Do not criticize people with unhealthy weight may it be obese or underweight because by giving bad feelings or teasing anyone or criticizing people, you are actually unintentionally attracting unhealthy body to yourselves.  So if at any moment you come across any person who is not having healthy weight, be indifferent.  Do not give any feelings, good or bad to his or her weight.  Just be indifferent.  Do not focus on what you do not want.
  5. Try to concentrate on eating process when you are having your meal.  Rather than getting busy in watching TV or looking at whatsapp or email, focus only on eating.  Do not distract you mind and heart from eating.  Talking with family members is best while having food but doing other activities which can be done after eating should be avoided.
  6. Do not do dieting and do not stop eating your favourite food completely because that would increase your cravings for those food after sometime.  When you start eating healthy food and do regular workouts, you will never remember those junk food and if you unexpectedly come across your favorite chocolate or cake or any other junk food, do not give bad feelings about the food or eating the food.  Do not think that it will give you unhealthy weight because your thoughts and feelings will attract more unhealthy weight rather than that food which you think will give you weight.
  7. When you do workout, do not do with the thoughts that you are doing it for reducing weight because when you think such thoughts while doing exercise, you are actually focusing on weight rather than perfect weight.  So just embrace your body and enjoy the workout.  Involve yourself whole into that moment, forget about every other thing.
  8. Do not get caught into the glossy advertisements about weight loss in one week or like.  Do not hurry for getting your perfect weight.  Let it be in proper process which is healthy for your body.
  9. Do not put targets, ie. to lose 1 kg in 1 week or 5 kgs in 1 month etc.  This will unnecessarily stress you and will distract you from your perfect weight.
  10. Do not fast or do not starve yourself.  Your body needs proper nutrition.
  11. Many women think that after becoming mother, they cannot regain their perfect weight.  Right now I am not in the category of those women but I have seen numerous women who are having perfect body even after becoming mother.  So I always believe that whatever you believe in, you get.  So make a new start and achieve your perfect weight, its never late to do good things in life.  Of course, doctor’s advice is recommended for new moms for starting any workout.  My suggestion was for those moms who are now well settled in family like my sister who’s son is now around 3 years and now she can very well do workouts.

CHANGE OUTSIDE IS POSSIBLE ONLY WHEN YOU CHANGE INSIDE.  UNLESS YOU FOCUS ON PERFECT WEIGHT YOU CANNOT GET IT AND TO FOCUS ON YOUR PERFECT WEIGHT YOU NEED TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR PRESENT BODY.   You might think that keeping all the above do’s and don’ts in mind is lot of work but trust me once you understand how the law of attraction works and how to control your mind for getting desired results, all the above will be a part of your nature.  It will become effortless.

Hope this post will be helpful to all those concerned.  If you have any questions or any message for the post, do put your kind words in the comments section.

Thank you.


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