Received the perfect book in the perfect way and at the perfect time

In June 2015, I asked Universe to give me a perfect book that would be the most appropriate for me right now and would be interesting to read.  I love reading books on life improvement because I feel no one is perfect and books are the best source of knowledge to help improve ourselves in all areas of life.  I read self help books in leisure time.  So, after finishing the one I was reading, I requested Universe [God] to help me get a perfect book on self help that would be interesting in content and would be the perfect for my life right now.  Perfect in the sense, I wanted a book that would be appropriate for me to improve the areas which require my most attention right now.  I checked online shopping site but was not able to select any.  So thought to ask Universe to guide me.  On 22nd June 2015, I wrote the request in my journal in present tense as if I have already received the book.  I was not concerned from where the book will come, what will be its price, what will be the content, etc.  I just knew it will come at the perfect time.  Below is the picture of the request made in my gratitude and dream journal.


Later I forgot about this request and that was when the book appeared in the most unexpected way.  Universe always gives me pleasant surprises.  Wow!!!

On 20th July 2015 [after 28 days of my request] while I was just going through the latest posts from my fellow bloggers, a title caught my attention “The Discipline Manifesto [eBook] Release!“.  I went to this blog post and to my utter delight, it was related to an official launch of a new self help e-book from one of my fellow bloggers Mr. Julio Lara.  The book titled “The Discipline Manifesto: Conquering Procrastination and Harnessing Willpower in 5 Steps”.  As it was an official launch, there was an offer to get the e-book free of cost by registering a week in advance of launch date 26th July 2015.  I was so happy to see this post and immediately subscribed for my free copy of the book.

In my life till now I did not had much problem about procrastination and willpower, however it was deep feeling inside that “Gargi…this is the book you need the most right now, so go and book a free copy”.  I did what my heart said.  I got the book absolutely free of cost on 26th July 2015 after it was officially launched on   For me important was the content.

Yesterday I finished reading this book and I am very happy to share with you all that this was the perfect book that Universe gave me.  The book is absolutely awesome with practical simulated cases about everyday life concerns and how to deal with it.  I would say rather than dealing with the situation, it is about training your mind in the correct way to deal with situations so that facing the situation and getting the best out of it along with increasing one’s self efficiency becomes interesting and enjoyable.  The most beneficial area for me was time management.  Though the book doesn’t have any topic on ‘time management’ but the content does contain words of wisdom about managing time because to achieve any goal, time management is very important.  The book has thrown light on very key issues of life which really need attention if we wish to achieve our goals, may it be a small goal like weight loss or any big goal like setting up a business.

I never procrastinate things but there are times when I feel I could be better in managing time and increase my efficiency and productivity which will surely take me to my full potential in coming years.  This book has really motivated me for improving my time management aspect.  A big thanks to the Universe and Julio to come up with this perfect book.

I am again feeling amazing with the way Universe is helping me for creating a beautiful life and sharing my wisdom with you all.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Received the perfect book in the perfect way and at the perfect time

  1. Dear Gargi: I am very happy that you found value in the book! I find a great deal of motivation when I read experiences related to the law of attraction, such as the one you just described. Sometimes in the busyness of life we forget that paying attention to our emotions and mindsets is as important as paying attention to our physical health. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and thoughts is such a great way!

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    1. Thank you so much Julio for the appreciation and encouragement. I love people and the main aim to start this blog was to spread the knowledge of the law of attraction to the world and make people understand that only they are the creators of their life. I want people to know that all the positive and negative experiences are created by themselves and by changing thoughts they can change their life for better and better everyday. The knowledge of the law of Universe is life transforming and the best way to share the knowledge is to share my life experiences. Thank you once again for the wonderful words and the awesome book and articles you wrote. They really motivate me everyday. Thank you.

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