There Is Only One, Big Reason You Don’t Have What You Want!

This is absolutely true. I have experienced the power of visualization in manifesting beautiful things in life and keeping my frequency high most of the time. I really enjoy visualization. Visualize and tune into the correct frequency and then let the thought go off. Letting go means believe that it is yours and behave accordingly. If you get what you want, you would not feel not having it and you would not worry about not having it because you have received it. Behave in the same way. Enjoy all other amazing things in life every single day with heartfelt gratitude and leave the rest on Universe, and see the magic.

Rex Sikes' Daily Inspiration and Gratitude

Want To Change Your Life- copy

“Most people desire things. What do you want? Do you want any of the following? You want the perfect career;  success;  a fine home; a loving, lasting relationship; that special car; jewelry and many other things. You want to travel, eat in fine restaurants and have lots of cash. You want to be out of debt and able to afford anything you want. What is it?

You want things but you don’t have them. Something holds you back.  There is ONE, single, big reason why you do not have exactly what you want, yet. It is important that you understand this.

The ONLY Reason You Don’t Have What You Want YET Is Because

YOU don’t see yourself with it!

You see yourself without it. You imagine not having it. You may imagine wanting it but inside your mind and heart you don’t have it. You see yourself without it. It is not an…

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