Let’s POLKA!

First, I was a bit hesitant about sharing this experience but then thought that though this is a small experience about how our thoughts become things, its quite interesting.  I was speechless when this incidence happened.

On my birthday this year, I received a gift of a Shirt from a family friend.  The color of the shirt was Off-white and it was having small black dots which we call ‘Polka dots’.  Its called ‘Polka shirt’.  Since past many years I did not had any polka shirt in my closet, so I was really happy to receive the gift.  While looking at the shirt, I was thinking what combination I can try with this polka shirt.  I can wear it with formal pants, jeans and skirts.  While I was thinking about these combinations, I was visualizing my self wearing those combinations and was feeling so amazing.  The very next moment what happened was really surprising and that made me speechless about the power of my thoughts and the grace of the Universe.

As I was thinking about this shirt and various ways of wearing it, an SMS popped up on my phone.  It was a message from an online fashion shopping website ‘Myntra’.  Immediately I went on the link provided and the first screen appeared on my phone was this –


In the above image, you can see the first webpage which appeared on my phone.  In the Blue color area, you can see a dark blue Polka shirt with white dots.  The image is not clear but I will tell you what is written besides the shirt picture.  It was written ‘ 3 ways to wear a polka shirt’.  When I saw this, I was utterly surprised because while I was thinking about the combinations of wearing my gifted polka, this message popped up .  I clicked on the blue area and it directed me to this page –


Here you can clearly see the title ‘3 ways to wear a polka shirt’.  I checked the ways they suggested to wear a polka shirt and one which I missed was trying a combination of polka shirt with shorts.  Universe is really amazing.

I have no words for god because he is simply amazing.  You just think and its there.  Some times I feel there is no concept time also in this Universe.  It all depends upon the intensity of your thoughts and its vibrations and how fast you can let go of the thought.

Hats off to the Universe for giving me this beautiful life.  Love you god.


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