Can’t believe, this is so amazing!!!

This is really an interesting experience.  Few days back, I and one of my friends who is also firm believer of the law of attraction (LOA) were sharing experiences about how the law creates magic in everyday life.  We often share our wonderful happy experiences about the power of thoughts and it gives us immense happiness and positivity for life.  The incidence which I would like to share here is something about Bollywood movies.  I watch movies occasionally but I like to watch Bollywood songs.

I and my friend were sharing thoughts about the magic of the law of Universe, when I just recalled some of the famous scenes of hit Bollywood movies where we can see how the law of attraction was demonstrated.  Though the film industry might not be knowing the law of Universe but the movies do refer to the law of attraction.

The Bollywood scenes which I recalled were –

Movie Name:  Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge or famous as DDLJ –> The scene at the starting of the movie when the character Simran [played by female actor Kajol] appears on the screen and her mom [played by female actor Farida Jalal] is shown reading her personal diary in which she had written beautiful thoughts about her dream guy.  Her mom asks her who is that guy and she says he is unknown yet.  Then her mom went out of the room but she says that though he is unseen and unknown but he is real, he is somewhere in this world and then Raj [played by Actor Shahrukh Khan] enters her life later on Europe trip.   Here we can see how Simran wrote about her dream guy and she believed that he is real and then let the thought go of.  Later she meets Raj [her dream guy] on Europe trip.  She created this reality through her thoughts, feelings and belief.

By your thoughts and belief, you create your imagination and by imagining you create your reality.  The law of attraction does not know whether your imagination is imagination or reality.  It pursues your imagination as always real and materializes it in the physical world.  See the video of this scene here.

Movie Name:  Dil to Pagal Hai  –>  The character of Pooja [played by female actor Madhuri Dixit] who always believed that on Valentines day which comes on full moon day [Puran mashi], one would get his/her soulmate.  It was her belief and it became true for her.  Whatever you believe, it becomes your reality.  The scene where Pooja is buying gifts for herself on valentines day [be happy with yourself first and then only you attract what you want] and her friend asks her for whom she is buying the gifts.  She shares her thoughts and belief about getting soulmate on valentines day which comes on full moon day.  Though her friend did not believe in her thoughts and asks her to stop dreaming, she was firm in her belief and that she indeed meet her soulmate Rahul [played by Shahrukh Khan] on the Valentines day on full moon day.  Here is the video of that scene.

Another story line in this movie, Nisha [played by Karishma Kapoor] loved Rahul but Rahul and Pooja loved eachother because they were on the same frequency and Nisha was not on that same frequency.  You cannot create something in other’s life unless they are on the same frequency as you. 

Movie Name:  Jab Tak Hai Jaan –>  Scene where Meera [played by Katrina Kaif] prays to god [since childhood she prayed the same] “Oh God! Please do not get me married to an Indian guy” and ultimately she falls in love with an Indian guy named Samar [played by Shahrukh Khan] and marries him.  Though she prayed for her wish to get married to a foreign guy, the statement was negative.  Rather than praying and feeling about what she wanted, she felt and prayed for what she did not want [ie. an Indian guy] which gave focus on what she did not want and ultimately she attracted an Indian guy.

I could not find the video of this scene on web so did not share here but if you have seen the movie, you could understand what I want to say.  Praying is a blessing but prayer should be done in a positive sentence.  If we pray to god that “Oh God! Please do not give me debt” then we would attract debt because our focus is on debt.  Where the focus goes, energy flows and where the energy flows, it materializes.  So instead, we should pray “God!  Thank you for the abundance, thank you so much for the money”.  In this way we focus on money and abundance and it flows to us.

The above was a part of the interesting experience which I wanted to share.  Now, continuing to my conversation with my friend, we shared some beautiful experience of our everyday life and concluded the chat.  Then I just forgot this conversation and got buzy in my work.  Later in evening on that same day, unexpectedly I received a message from my other friend.  She told me about an upcoming Bollywood movie “All is well” where she saw the book “The Secret” by Ms. Rhonda Byrne [its the book on the Law of attraction, which has transformed lives of millions of people in this world].  The heroine [played by Asin] was carrying the book all the time during the movie.  My friend saw the song of that movie as it is not yet released and messaged me.  I was literally shocked to know this and my instant reaction was “What!!”.  Immediately I checked the song on youtube and to my delight, yes! the book was shown in the movie.

This was surprising because on that day in afternoon I just thought of LOA in Bollywood movies and in evening I attracted this video where the book on LOA was shown in a Bollywood movie.  I think this is the first time any Bollywood movie has shown the book “The Secret”.  May be the writer of the story might have read this book and got inspired to include it in the story.  Hope to see this movie soon.  Here is the video of the song.  The song is very beautiful.

This is how I attracted the movie information and the beautiful song which increased my joy.  I was really happy when I saw this song.  The Law of attraction works all the time believe it or not.   I love the law, not because it helps me create my life but it keeps me joyful almost all the time and if anytime I feel low, the knowledge of this law helps me to raise my frequency and overcome the negativity.  I am very very happy.  I love life.  I love Universe.


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