‘Feelings’ guide us

‘Feelings’ guide us whether we are thinking positive thoughts or negative. ‘Good feelings’ guide us that we are thinking positive thoughts and we should continue with our positive thoughts. ‘Bad feelings’ guide us that we are thinking something negative and that we should change our thoughts in order to feel good. Unless you start feeling good, you cannot attract positivity in your life.

What are good feelings and bad feelings? There are many variations in this, as given below:

Good thoughts & feelings: Love, care, kindness, appreciation, encouragement, trust, faith, affection, passion, gratitude, joy, etc.

Bad thoughts & feelings: Disappointment, resentment, rude behaviour, anger, jealousy, ego, dissatisfaction (towards self or others), fear, ungratefulness, gossiping, back biting, hate, etc.

Life is a journey and there will be ups and downs but important is how you deal with the low moments. We all know that our thoughts create our life and so we are responsible for all positive and negative experiences in life. If we are experiencing low moments more often than high moments then we should understand that it is because we are constantly thinking negative and attracting more and more low moments one after another.

We create negative experiences in life by bad thoughts and feelings (as menioned above) and so only we can change them into positive life experiences through good feelings.

If you are feeling bad at any moment, just pause and ask yourself “Am I thinking something negative?” As soon as you realise that you are thinking something negative, start making efforts to change your thoughts and feelings into good.

If something is bothering you, if you are having any fear, worry, anger or disappointment, then it is very important to change your focus from your worry or fear and start focussing on the things that make you feel good. Trying to change things in this physical world without changing your thoughts and feelings within, is a futile exercise that would lead to negativity like frustration, depression and disappointment. If this negativity goes long then it will affect your health and your life.

Worries and fears are not real but only our projection about something bad to happen. If we give our focus and energy to negative thoughts and create bad projections in our mind then we are creating negative life experiences. To change negativity into positivity, you should make all the efforts to feel good. The moment you start feeling good you will see how miraculously negativity starts getting weaker and ultimately disappears from your life.

Positive thoughts and feelings have miraculous powers. 1 strong positive thought has more power than 100 negative thoughts. Negativity grows if we give our attention and energy to it by thinking and feeling bad. There are many things which can help you feel good. Do all the things that make you feel good like talk to your family & friends about something good (do not discuss any negative things with family or friends), see feel good images or quotes if that gives you positivity, read inspirational books or feel good content on internet, listen to your favorite songs, watch your favorite movie or songs.

Do not listen or watch sad songs or movie no matter how hit number it would be on the box office. Stay away from negative songs and movies because songs and movies have very influential power on our feelings that you can understand very well because a song or a movie can instantly make you feel good or bad. So listen to songs or watch movies that make you feel good and amazing. Gratitude and visualization is another powerful tools to uplift your frequency instantly.

Ungratefulness attracts negativity and heartfelt gratitude attracts positivity. Start counting your blessings with all your heart. Be grareful to all good things you have in your life now. Do this everyday. Give your focus and energy to what you love and what you want. Give your energy to you dreams. Visualise what you want. When you visualise what you want, you are giving energy to positivity and you will see how negative circumstances changes into positive in outer world.

All positive and negative experiences in physical world are the effects, cause is in our mind. Our life is the reflection of our thoughts. So to make life beautiful, we should think and feel beautiful. If at any moment we are facing difficulty in feeling good, we should ask for help from Universe. Universe loves us unconditionally and it always helps us to feel good and loved. Only you have the power to create your life. You are the part of this Universe (Supreme energy) and so seek guidance from Universe, it will always guide you to correct paths.



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