Law of attraction – We cannot create anything in others’ life against their will

Many people think that through intentional law of attraction (LOA), we can create anything in our life.  This is indeed true but the law of attraction works with rules.  These rules are natural physics rules.  Law of attraction is nothing but a law of physics like the law of gravitation but it is the most powerful law in this Universe.  The law of attraction says that like frequency and vibrations attract like frequency and vibrations, meaning whatever frequencies and vibrations you give out in the Universe through your thoughts and feelings attract people, circumstances and things existing on that particular frequency.  Positive frequency attracts positive people, circumstances and things, and vice versa.  The law of attractions works all the time in all areas of our life, may it be money, health, work or relationships.

When it comes to the subject of relationships, it is important to know that we cannot create anything in other person’s life without his or her own free will.

Last week, unexpectedly I and my friends entered into a conversation about the law of attraction and its power to manifest our dreams.  It was the first time I was discussing about the law of attraction with this group of friends, so it was obvious that people would be sceptical about this law and whether it is a fact.  When I explained the law of attraction to my friends and told them that we can manifest whatever we wish for in our life through intentionally applying the power of thoughts with imagination and gratitude, one of my friend sarcastically asked me that if the law is real then is it possible that I just imagine to get married to a celebrity and it manifests.  This kind of questions may arise in minds of numerous people who are intended to get into a relationship with their perfect guy or a girl.  So I thought to throw some light on this aspect of LOA in this blog post.

The law of attractions works based on energy frequencies, vibrations and magnetic fields in and around us.  Suppose a guy loves a particular girl and wants her to come into his life.  He visualizes time spending with her happily and feels real as if she is with him already.  Everyday he gives thanks to the Universe for giving him his perfect life partner.  Now what do you think of this situation? Will this guy get his love? 

There are two answers to this question with reasons given below:

The answer would be “Yes” if that particular girl is on the same frequency as of that guy who put out the positive frequency and vibrations through his beautiful visualizations and gratitude for receiving his dream girl.

The answer would be “No” if that particular girl is not on the same frequency as of that guy.  Even if that guy gave out positive frequency about the girl but if that girl is not on the same frequency then the guy’s thoughts cannot penetrate the girls frequency and so he cannot attract her in his life but Universe will send a perfect girl for him who is actually on that like frequency.  In case of love life, any girl or guy can attract a particular person in their live only if both are on the same frequency.  If you love someone, and wish to have that person into your life, then put out the request to the Universe for your wish through visualizations and gratitude and feel as if you have received it.  Joyful feelings always attract more of joy.  If that person is also on the same frequency then Universe will send him/her to you at the perfect time no matter what the outer circumstances may appear and if that person is not on the same frequency then you should understand that your perfect person is some one else and that “some one else” will come to you at the perfect time.  For this you need to let go off the thought of your perfect partner once you do your part of visualization and gratitude.  Let the Universe work for you in the most perfect way and the most perfect time.  Have unwavering faith in the Universe and get out of its way.  If you doubt Universe then you are creating hurdles in its way for manifesting your dream relationship.   If you have already got your perfect life partner then it is because you both were on the same frequency and thus you both attracted each other in your life.

We should be really grateful to this amazing law which does not allow others to create our life.  Just imagine, if others were able to create our life then any person who would be in love with us could have been able to get us into his/her life against our will.  If you love someone but that person does not love you then you cannot force him or her to love you but if that person is truly meant for you then he or she will surely come to you on the same frequency as yours.  If you have done your part, rest leave on Universe to decide what is best for you and that person.  Always believe that what you truly desire, Universe will give you and you will be extremely happy with that.  Some people ask me that I love a particular person and that person is my perfect life partner but why Universe is not giving me my love even after doing everything life visualization etc.  For this question I have only one answer, if you do not get your love, then understand that it is not your love but someone else’s.  Whatever is truly yours, you will surely get.  Sometime we think that he or she is our perfect life partner but only Universe knows who is actually our life partner.  You can ask Universe to show you a sign to know whether he or she is your perfect life partner.  This always helps.  The most important thing is just let go off the thought and then see the magic.

We cannot create anything in others’ life against their will, this is the amazing power of the law of attraction.

Suppose, a person is ill and he wishes to get healthy then we can help him to recover from illness by our positive thoughts about his recovery.  This will work because the ill person also wants to recover from illness and we also wish for his recovery, so we both are on the same frequency.

Another example, suppose a person is unemployed and we wish to see him employed with good earnings then our efforts for getting him employed through our positive thoughts and feelings will work if he also wants to get employed but if he is not willing to get employed then we cannot create employment for him in this world because we both are on different frequencies.

I will give my own example, I was able to create positive things in other’s life with the help of power of positive thoughts and feelings because they also wished for those positive things like recovery from illness, promotion in job, buying of dream house, etc.  Had it been the other way, like if my near and dear ones were not wishing for those positive things, then I would not have been able to create those positive things in their life because it would have been against their will.  To create any positive stuff in other’s life with their free will, it is not necessary that those people know that you helped them through your positive thoughts.  Even if you do not tell them about your positive efforts to help them, it will work because you tell Universe to work for them.  I did not tell my near and dear ones about my efforts for creating positive things in their life because its not needed. My aim was to see that their wishes are fulfilled and that they are happy and healthy.

Universe is so loving that it has created this amazing law that has empowered us to create beautiful life for ourselves and help others for creating positivity in their life with their will.


4 thoughts on “Law of attraction – We cannot create anything in others’ life against their will

  1. You said tht we can ask Universe to show us the sign to know whether he or she is our perfect life partner….
    Suppose, we get a POSITIVE SIGN & still he/she is not in our life as partner then?
    But, is a good friend…


    1. Yes, it may happen that even if you are getting the signs you ask for but the person is not in your life. The Universe gives you positive signs for your desires. Sometimes, we think that the person in question is what we desire and for him or her we are getting the signs but the law of attraction doesn’t work that way. Even though you feel that the person in question is the one you desire but actually he or she may not have what you desire of him or her and so the Universe will bring you the person that you desire and this one may be different from the one you are thinking about. The Universe knows what you want and will give you that. So, rather than focusing on a person, focus on the qualities you seek in your partner and have faith that God will bring to you the person that you are asking for. Remember, God knows what you desire and with whom you will live happily ever after.


  2. Ok. So even if we try our best to send “magic dust to heal a person, as long as that person too wishes to get well soon, it wont work? Jeez!!!


    1. Yes. Its important for that person to desire health. In most cases, any ill person will surely desire to get health back and so your positive vibes will help him or her to recover. You can read my relevant blog posts about miraculous recoveries through positive vibes or you can watch my youtube video about it.


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