Universe’s guidance for business

One of my friends is into the business of online shopping portal that sells consumer goods and export of kids wears.  These two businesses are in the initial phase presently.  The online shopping portal was doing quite a good job and the export business was on the way of its launch in coming months.   While talking to my friend, he informed me about his and his partners’ plan to wind up the online shopping business.  On inquiring about the reason, he told me that one of the two managing partners was compelled to step out of this business to work for his uncle’s business and the other managing partner was not able to handle it alone.  My friend is in full time employment and is also looking after the two businesses simultaneously.  Once the businesses are properly established, he would be full time occupied in them.  Due to leaving of two managing partners and non-availability of suitable new person for the business, they planned to wind it up.

I told him not to wind up the business.  He also did not want to close the business but said he was compelled by the situation as he is not getting perfect new partner for continuing the business further.  I told him why not ask Universe to send a perfect partner for your business.  As my friend is aware of the law of attraction, he knew that because of his and his partners’ negative thoughts, they attracted this negative situation and so only they can create favourable situation for their business.  He immediately got my point and was feeling good to again get back on track.  I told him to request Universe to give him new partner who would be positive and perfect for his online shopping business.  He was convinced to change his negative thoughts into positive and there by create positive circumstances for his business.  He realised that though he knew about the power of thoughts and the law of attraction, he forgot to apply the positivity and gratitude in everyday life which resulted in this negative situation.  After this short conversation we ended the chat and got back to our routine.

Next day a miracle happened.  My friend informed me that he met one guy who is in the business of groceries and who showed interest in partnering for his business.  They agreed to merge both the businesses and grow them further.  He said “god listened to my request” and most important thing was, he always wanted to add grocery items in the catalogue on his shopping portal but he did not have proper channel for grocery dealers.  When I heard this, I was so happy.  Universe always love unconditionally, its that we forget Universe but it never forgets us.  It continues to love us no matter what we think.

Though, my friend got a new business partner and a new direction to grow his business, he was quite worried about this new progress, whether it will go long and be a fruitful business.  He said, “hope everything work outs fine”.  I told him “Universe can see everything from all directions but we can see only limited things from our mind, so always seek Universe’s guidance in all your tasks and you will see how miraculously everything turns out in your favour.  Always work under the guidance of Universe and you will never regret for your actions”.  We were talking through message chat, while saying these words, I was just checking various blog posts from my fellow bloggers on computer and to my utter surprise, I came across an image featured on the blog post of one of my fellow bloggers.   I am sharing here the image that was Universe’s answer for my friend’s thought about whether everything will work out fine.


[This image was posted on blog “Juliannaricci.wordpress.com” link to this blog post – https://juliannaricci.wordpress.com/2015/07/31/inside-you-quote-308/.   I am really thankful to my fellow blogger for sharing this image on her blog].

It was like Universe communicated to my friend that it is always with him.  I told him about this image and he was like “Wow!!!”.  He was now much more confident that all will work out in his favour.

This experience again makes me realise how unconditionally Universe loves all of us.  If we love our Universe unconditionally and work under its guidance, we will always be happy in our life.


3 thoughts on “Universe’s guidance for business

  1. Thanks gargi for sharing this wonderful conversation. It is really motivational. And this is a suggestion you have always given me whenever I had to take a decision. So now whenever I am in any such situation, I directly think what gargi would suggest me to do in this situation. So many conversations happen with so many people but when its pointed out like this, we surely learn something out of it and in times of need we remember them and know what to do as well.

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    1. Thanks Rashmi for reading my post and getting so much positivity. Yes, we had many such conversations in past where we have discussed our individual issues and got convinced that only Universe knows best for us, so always work in its guidance. I would always suggestion this to all the people in this world. We should never forget that we are small part of this supreme energy and so it knows us better than we know ourselves. Thank you once again for the encouraging words. I hope to share many more experiences where I have realised the unconditional love of the Universe.


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