Are you obsessed with the results?

When we are obsessed with the results, we cannot enjoy the process.  I have seen many people being so much focussed on the results that they fail to enjoy the process.  It is good to expect positive results and we deserve it but is it the only thing to look at?

In achieving any goal, the enjoyable thing is the process more than the results.  Results are always celebrated and that is some thing very obvious.  When we get our desired results, we celebrate that moment with all our heart along with our near and dear ones but are we conscious enough to enjoy every bit of the process of achieving the results?

I really feel that enjoying the process gives more joy because we are conscious of every bit of the moment from start to end.

We can see below examples to understand this better –

Suppose your goal is getting your perfect weight –>  When you set a goal of getting perfect weight, rather than focussing only one perfect weight, consciously feel and enjoy every moment of the process of getting perfect weight.  Here the process includes, healthy eating, regular workouts, counting blessings and expressing gratitude to the Universe, in all areas of life, loving yourself, etc.  All these are part of the process of achieving your goal of perfect weight.  If you constantly focus on results, you cannot put your best in action which is a very important part.  People when applying intentional law of attraction forget that only tuning into the correct frequency without action will not yield desired results.  When you tune into the correct frequency of your desires, Universe starts sending you correct people, circumstances and things that will take you to your goals.  If these opportunities are missed then you won’t be able to reach your goal.

Missing those opportunities is likely to happen when you are not living in the present because you are not conscious enough to understand Universe’s signs and signals.  This happens when people are only focussed on results through visualization and affirmations.

Visualizations and positive affirmations are important tool which helps us to tune into the correct frequency of our goals and makes our belief strong for pursuing our dreams but these tools alone without action cannot help us to reach our goals.

If we want to pass an exam, we need to study.  Only visualization and affirmations cannot be helpful unless we positively study.  These tools if applied properly will surely give us correct direction into what need to be studied and will grow our interest in studies but if we think that without studying and without learning our topics, we will clear exams then we are fooling ourselves.  I would rather say, get into the frequency of ‘pass results’ through visualization and gratitude and then enjoy every bit of your studies.  Study with all zeal and live every moment.  Enjoy learning new things when you study your topics and then see how enjoyable the results would be.

In any work, process has equal importance as the results.  A women expecting a baby enjoys the period of nine months with the growing foetus in her womb.  She lives every moment with the life in her body nurturing it with all her love and care.  The nine months process is equally enjoyable for the couple as the birth of the baby.

Suppose you get a project at your work and you along with your team start working on the project.  Of course you all would be focussing on the results but the achievement of the goal will be more enjoyable if you and your team live every moment working on the project.

Dreams are achievable when you are conscious every moment to understand Universe’s signs and opportunities, and work on that.  Many people say that ‘day dreaming’ cannot lead you to your goals but I would say ‘day dreaming’ happens automatically because ‘day dreaming’ is nothing but your heartfelt desires that gives direction to your life and those desires can be fulfilled if you are determined to act appropriately at the correct time in the correct direction under the guidance of the Universe.  Here I am saying guidance of the Universe because many times it happens that we get confused in making choices and at that time if choose incorrect direction then we all know what will happen, we would fail to achieve our dreams.  In such case ask the Universe to guide you to the correct path.  Trust me, Universe is awesome, it is always working for us.  Universe loves us unconditionally and always wants us to be happy.  I would rather suggest you, take each and every step towards your goal with the guidance of the Universe.  It communicates all the time, be alert to understand Universe’s signs and act accordingly, you will surely make your dreams come true and that too with all enjoyment.  You will never ever regret for your acts if you work under the guidance of the Universe.

So friends, express your dreams to the Universe, tune into the correct frequency, enjoy the process and live your dreams.


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