Found my raincoat – Law of Universe is awesome

Two days back I was searching for my raincoat as the monsoon has begun.  I searched all the places at my home where I expected it to be but did not find it.  It has been almost a year, after last monsoon I did not look for my raincoat.

Yesterday, after searching for my raincoat at all the places at my home where I thought to have kept it, I could not find it.  I did not have any clue where to search it.  Finally I thought of asking it to the Universe.  I calmed myself and visualized my raincoat holding in my hands.  I felt its texture and saw the color also very clearly.  As I visualized the raincoat in my hands, it was a real feeling as if I am holding the raincoat at that moment.  After visualizing the raincoat and expressing heartfelt gratitude, I just let the thought go and got busy in my work.

Today morning, it was raining quite good.  Mom was going to a local grocery store to get some weekly stuff.  The grocery store is at walking distance from our house, so mom began to see for umbrella.  She searched at all the places where I had searched for my raincoat the previous day but could not find it.  All of a sudden she remembered about a small closet in the kitchen where it was expected to be kept.  I was busy in my workout and my mom came to me with my raincoat.  I was stunned.  I asked her from where she found my raincoat, she said that she found my raincoat in a small bag kept in that closet in the kitchen.  She also found the umbrellas there.  I was so happy to see my raincoat and gave lot many thanks to the Universe for helping me find the raincoat.  It was impossible for me to search that particular closet as I never keep my stuff there but somehow last year mom had kept it there during cleaning the room, I guess.

I can never think of that closet, but Universe knew that the raincoat was in that closet and so the Universe arranged the situation of my mom going to the store, searching for umbrella and then finding the umbrella and raincoat in the small closet in the kitchen.  Wow!!! what an amazing arrangement, only Universe can do this.  A big thanks to my loving Universe for its unconditional love.  Again visualization and gratitude has worked amazingly for me.  Thank you Thank you Thank you.


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