Love in a frame

WP_20150724_13_33_32_ProMy dearest MOM DAD

I wished for framed photograph at my door steps and it happened within a month…amazing!

A month back I had thought of getting my mom dad’s photograph framed and presenting them as a surprise.  Of course there was no occasion of gifting, neither birthday or anniversary but since I give presents to my parents and family members whenever I wish, for me any particular occasion is not required for expressing my love for my near and dear ones.  This has been my nature since early age.    Now this photograph which I am talking about was clicked on my mom’s birthday this year in April 2015.  The photograph was clicked by me but the important thing was the moment captured.  The photograph is so beautiful that I wished to give surprise to mom dad by gifting them this photograph nicely framed so that they put it in the living room and everyday we all would look at it and feel the love and joy within.  As this thought clicked in my mind, within two – three days I got an unexpected mail from an online photograph company to which I had subscribed two years back.  I get mails from this online website regarding festive offers with discounts and all regularly.  This company is into the business of selling mugs, calanders, collages, photobooks, etc. created from your pictures.  We just need to create a free online account, upload our photographs, select the designs and required options and order it.  The company would then deliver the selected items at our door steps.  This was really a comfortable option looking at our day to day busy routines.  To my delight, the email that I received was regarding selling of photo frames.

As I saw the mail, immediately went to the website and checked the offer.  It was regarding selling of photo frames with various color options.  But to my disappointment, it was only frames, not frames with photos.  They had separate service for sending printed pictures and frames but not providing framed photographs.  It was possible for me to go to the local shop in the city and get the photograph printed and framed but I just thought “How wonderful it would be, if this company gives us framed photograph at our door step”.  So for the time being I forgot about this topic as it was not much urgent.

After a month I totally forgot about the photo frame and was busy in my routine.  One fine morning, out of the blue…god gave me a big surprise in my mail box.  It was an email from the photograph company about an offer on photo frames.  The offer was related to framed photographs at discounted price with free shipping.  Without wasting time, I visited the website to check what was that in detail.  The offer was “get your photos printed and framed with free shipping”.  I was like Wow!!! immediately I remembered my wish and was amazed how Universe works out everything in a perfect way.

At that very moment, I uploaded the photograph, selected the color of the photo frame and ordered.  Within 2 days, the photo frame was delivered to my door steps.  It was a big surprise to my mom dad and my other family members.  All were so happy to see the photo frame.  This photo frame depicts amazing love of my mom dad for each other.

I am so happy for them and extremely grateful to the Universe for giving me such a loving parents.  Also, my heartfelt gratitude to the Universe for fulfilling my wish in the most beautiful way and at the perfect time.  Thank you Universe for the amazing wisdom about the law of attraction.

“ASK —> BELIEVE —> LET GO —> RECEIVE”  This knowledge has transformed my life.

Life is so beautiful.


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