Written words and gratitude – another powerful tool to manifest your desires

One of the various tools and techniques that can be used to intentionally set the Law of attraction (LOA) into force to manifest desires, is “Written Words”.  When we write our desires in present tense and give heartfelt gratitude to the Universe as if we have already received our desires in reality, the written words no more remain mere words but it becomes a reality because it sets LOA into motion to create what we have written, into reality.  When I came across this knowledge, along with gratitude journal I prepared my dream book in which I write all my dreams in present tense and when they actually manifest I  write “Received, Thank You God” against the written words in the dream book.

With the help of above technique and with god’s grace, I have been able to manifest various desires not only for myself but also for my near and dear ones though they are unaware of this activity.  When you wish for good of others and what you wish is also the wish of your near and dear ones, then it manifests with the power of written words or visualization or other tools used for manifesting desires intentionally through law of attraction.  We cannot manifest anything in others lives against their own will.  So whatever blessings I manifested in my near and dear ones lives where their own wishes too, so Universe made it a reality after I wrote it in my dream book and gave heartfelt gratitude to the god.  I wrote the desires in present tense and gave heart felt gratitude but did not write any particular date for its manifestation.  It was left totally on the loving Universe, the “How” and “When” because Universe knows the best way and the best time for manifestation of our desires and the desires became reality at the most unexpected time.  I would like to share with you all about some of the manifestations I had with the power of written words and gratitude in my dream book.

Manifestations for myself:

1.  Launch of my blog “Live your dreams – Create the life you wish”

When I thought of starting a blog, I was totally blank about the title and the content of the blog.  I could not decide on the name of the blog and the content.  It was clear from my end that the content would be regarding spreading joy through the knowledge of the law of attraction but I was not sure how it should be presented and how my blog would look like.  This uncertainty regarding the title, the content and the time of launching the blog made me feel bit confused.  The only certainty was starting a blog to spread love through the knowledge of the law of attraction ie. the Law of Universe governing human life on this earth.  So I decided to leave this on Universe.  I wrote in my dream journal in present tense as if I have already received my dream blog.  Sharing here the extract of my dream journal where I had written about my blog.


In the above image you can see the date 19th July 2014.  On this date, I wrote this in my dream book.  I was sure Universe will guide me for starting my blog in the perfect way at the perfect time.  After writing the above, I just let it go and got busy in my job and everyday life.  Out of the blue, on December 20, 2014 while surfing web, I opened WordPress website and created a blog and an instant name that struck my mind was “Live your dreams – Create the life you wish” and the image of “Rising sun in the dawn and a flying bird” which I had clicked during one of my official tours but was not aware that Universe let me click that image for this blog.    Below these words [as shown in image above] I wrote “Received, thank you” after I started my blog.  I am so happy that Universe manifested my heartfelt desire so perfectly and the blog is doing really good, thanks to all my awesome readers.

I also manifested my –

2. Dream home

3. Perfect weight

4. Glowing clear healthy skin

5. Received pending payments amazingly

Manifestations for others

1.  New home

2.  Promotion

3.  Money

I manifested above all by the power of written words and gratitude in less than a year, as discussed above.  I have shared extract from my dream book for one case, others were also written in the same way.  One more important thing one cannot ignore is having an attitude of gratitude every single day for every single blessing in life.  Unless you are grateful for your present blessings, you cannot attract more joy and happiness in your life.

There are many more dreams written in my dream book which are on the way of its manifestation.  Once those dreams are fulfilled, will share the same with you all.

Keep reading…Keep loving.


6 thoughts on “Written words and gratitude – another powerful tool to manifest your desires

  1. Dear Gargi Thank You Thank You Thank You for sharing your experiences. I am so grateful for your blog tht i get inspired always… !!!
    Reg mani – do u write and jus let go?
    If i need a job simply write and let go.?
    Or to read freq about desire?
    Kindly suggest


    1. Hi Suchitra, thanks for your valuable comment. See our feelings attract our experiences. So focus on how you feel about your desires. There is no fix rule, you can write and forget or you can read it everyday, important is how you feel about it. Feel it as if you have already received. Feeling of absence will push it away. So feel its presence now and every day untill it manifests.


  2. I recommend this free daily worksheet which includes a section to write down your goals everyday. It is a fact that getting into the habit of writing down your goals everyday takes motivation to a whole new level


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