Readers Shared – “Found my lost hard disk through visualization and gratitude”

Hi friends, this is my second amazing story here.  In earlier post in “Readers Shared” category I shared my wonderful experience about how Universe fulfilled my wish of joining a dance class taking care of my busy routine.  Now in this post, I would like to share my another beautiful experience about applying intentional law of attraction and let Universe to find solution to my problem.  Universe is so loving, it always takes care of us.

Found my lost hard disk through visualization and gratitude

After moving to Bangalore I started unpacking the boxes we moved with the help of packers, while doing so there was just too much of luggage and stuff which I had kept. And every time we moved to a new City we incurred huge expenses on packing, moving and unpacking, so this time I decided to give away some things to my domestic helper as it would be of help to her as well.  So I started arranging things in store room and  just took a stock of all the cartons.  I segregated useful and not useful stuff in two separate cartons.  The house was set up.  Luggage all nicely arranged and I asked my domestic help to take away the other box which contained the extra stuff like old mobile handsets, some crockery, old clothes, books, curtains etc., she happily carried the box home. Now we were all nicely settled and about a year later my husband asked me about an external hard disk he had bought. I told him it must be in the store room with other electronic items. I was pretty casual in my response as frankly I didn’t bother myself thinking over where it would be. Then started recollecting what data I had saved into it? That same day I got a circular from my son’s school that we have to provide his childhood pictures and one family picture and suddenly it dawned upon me that I had saved all those important pictures and documents in that hard disk..  Now  I got really worried, I remembered before moving to Bangalore there was certain issue with my laptop and we had to send it for formatting so before doing so I took a back up of the entire system and saved it on this hard disk.

I was out for some work when all these worries were running in my mind.  After reaching home, I started searching the disk frantically thinking what if I never get to see it again? It had all the important documents, photographs and most importantly my sons first pictures.  So I was really worried.   Later my husband came home and assured me he would find it, he tried his best but all in vain. He asked to recollect if I had given it to the domestic helper.   This made me more nervous because the lady maid was not working with me anymore and it was impossible to find her and check with her if she by any chance had this disk.  I still some how managed to find out her contact details and called her to inquire about the missing disk. She was kind enough to dig through the carton I gave her but she could not find the disk.

Now I felt completely hopeless and gave up on myself.  I was just blaming myself for being so irresponsible.  Later at night I was talking to my husband, he was very considerate about the whole issue and he tried helping me with this, he said its ok now that its gone, you just be more careful next time onwards, but my heart refused to accept this reality. So here the universe immediately came to my rescue.

Suddenly my eyes stuck to the light beaming down through a lamp by my bed side, looking at it I asked universe to send me some positive sign to clear all the negative clutter in my head which was sending so much negative frequency.  Within few minutes of this request to the Universe, wind started blowing strongly, which was pretty common in Bangalore and a book lying on my book shelf had its pages fluttering.  From the pages, I could read some words written in bold “think positive and be optimistic”, I felt as if the universe was talking to me in cues.  This was enough to raise my vibrations high and instantly made my mind to focus and shift my negative thoughts about the lost disk into positive ones.

I closed my eyes and told my husband that disk has not gone anywhere, it is right here in the house. I asked him to focus with me and visualize how we both would be happy to see it back again.   I closed my eyes and started visualizing the disk in great detail, a black coloured rectangular plastic case, with an orange coloured logo on it, also it illuminated a beautiful orange light once connected to the laptop, this and lot about the disk. With this I also visualized that after finding the disk how I would bow down my head and would thank the universe a million times for its magical powers. I even visualized myself sending text message to my husband at work with the pictures of me holding the disk happily. With this I went to bed and let this go off completely.

The next morning I was working in my kitchen and suddenly my hand mixer conked off. It just stopped working. I was clueless what to do so called up husband, he said its fine we have a contact error with its cable so use a screw driver and fix it. So as he instructed I went to the store room to get the screw driver which he puts in his bag of tool box. I opened the cupboard where few tool boxes were lying.  As I was searching for the screw driver in one of the tool boxes, suddenly I saw a black plastic case and was shocked to see the hard disk, for a split of seconds I was so shocked.  It was hard to believe that the lost hard disk was found as my husband had checked all his tool boxes earlier and confirmed it was missing.


I was so happy, literally jumping and thanking universe and the entire episode went exactly as I had visualized the earlier night.  I clicked pictures of it and sent text messages to my husband, it was like a scripted reality.  I just thanked God million of times for giving me such magical results of my positive thinking and having immense faith in magnificent universe and its super powers to make impossible as possible.  I have the powers, law of attraction works all the time.   If we are aware of its powers, we can create our beautiful life.  And if we are not aware, still the law will continue to work but we will not be able to reap its benefits to the best.


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