Readers Shared – “Magic at my door steps”

Real life story from one of the readers of “Live your dreams – Create the life you wish” in her own words. Name of the reader not mentioned here on her request.

From the reader-

Hi friends this is my first attempt at writing so please bear with me if you find it amateur. I would like to share with you some personal and wonderful experiences I had in the past few days with the help of the Law of attraction (LOA). Its not the first time I am practising intentional LOA. I have been doing it in the past as well intentionally or unintentionally but it is only the first time I started paying attention to the small cues or signs by the Universe which brings big joys to an otherwise routine life. I have three small yet awesome experiences which I would like to share with you here through “Live your dreams – Create the life you wish” blog in this celebration period. I have been following this blog for past many months and have got inspired and encouraged to share my experiences with you all.

Magic at my door steps

My husband is in software industry so he is in kind of a job where we keep moving from one city to another. So last year we came to Bangalore, after a lot of house hunting we decided to settle down with our present apartment which is at a stone throw distance from his work place. Considering the proximity this place was ideal but only later I started realizing its far away from the main city and there aren’t any commercial establishments near by. So for most of the entertainment related things like for shopping,movie or dining out we have to travel almost two to three hrs from this place. My life was going all fine but monotonous. I missed my old days when I was working and would go out with friends, clubbing, dance classes and many other activities which all came to a halt after I became a full time mother. Not that I didn’t like this, I completely love this job too just that I missed dancing and the dance classes. So I just started thinking that how amazing it would be if I get to dance again, but the big question was how? As I mentioned earlier my husband has a very demanding job and I’ve a small child to look after so there was no scope for me to go out and pursue my hobby, as there is nobody to look after the baby. Though my child goes to a nursery close to where I live it is only for two hours in the morning. So this thought was continuously reeling in my head that how will I ever again be able to pursue with my dancing hobby. But I never got bog down with this entire situation, I would just think of finding ways to make this situation better and I never loathed over it.

So now the scene was I had two hours for myself in the morning when my son is off to school but within those two hrs I’ve to not just complete the house cleaning but also prepare food for him, so i realized that I was practically left with only one hour for myself in which I could go out and attend a dance class but even this was impossible as the nearest dance class to my place was around 10kms and humanly impossible for me to come back in an hour time after finishing the class. So now there was no scope left absolutely but then suddenly a magic happened.

One Sunday afternoon I was watching a dance reality show which I watch every Sunday afternoon religiously, while watching this I just thought wouldn’t it be amazing if I could some way again dance, with a group of friends, and I just visualized myself dancing in my old dance class with my friends and just prayed to God saying you always have given me everything I asked for and I am sure this will also come to me some way and you know the best. As I finished watching this show, got back to my work. I completely forgot this episode and dove myself back to routine house work. The same evening we went out for weekly veggies and groceries shopping and after we came home there was a big surprise from the Universe at my door steps.


There was an advertisement flyer lying at my doorstep [image given above], it was regarding new dance class which was about to start in my apartment complex. My apartment has a club house with a full fledged gym but it was the first time someone planned to start up a dance class here. At first I completely ignored this advertisement saying “I know this dance class as they had a center but it was far away to my place.” But then I picked it up thinking “why are they advertising here, who would go to that center located so far?” When I read the details and I was completely taken aback. It bore the address of my apartment complex and the club house which is at the ground floor of my building and not just that it also offered flexible timings for working women and home makers. I was so so happy to read this, I could not believe myself, I just asked something from the Universe and visualized it in detail for few minutes and let it go, the result was surprisingly superb. The Universe didn’t just fulfill my wish but also made an arrangement in such a way that I had not to worry absolutely about going out far and managing the timings and all. I just put a wish that looked impossible but the “how” was taken care by the loving Universe and out of no way, a way was created and that too a perfect timing. I couldn’t have asked for anything so perfectly done. Thank you Universe.

My other two experiences will follow in coming posts. Thanks for reading this long post. But this is one of the experiences which means a lot to me. Law of attraction works all the time, we just need to tune into the frequency of joy and then see the magic. Everything is possible if we believe in the Universe.


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