Law of attraction – Get your perfect weight

Those who are wishing to lose weight and get their perfect body but some how not able to achieve that, here is one suggestion.  As you know the law of attraction works 24×7 with your thoughts, you can achieve your perfect weight by intentionally setting law of attraction into motion by following below given steps and get your dream weight:

1.  Take out one minute in a day as suitable for you.  Visualize yourself in your ideal weight for one minute.  Imagine yourself wearing your favourite clothes which you would wear when you achieve your perfect weight.  When you imagine yourself in your perfect weight, feel good as if you have already received it.  Live in your perfect weight literally for one minute.  When you visualize it, you automatically start feeling good as if you are already in your perfect weight wearing you favourite clothes.  When you feel good as if it is real, give heartfelt thanks to the Universe for manifesting your wish and giving you your perfect weight.

2.  Let go of your wish.  After you complete visualization, forget about it.  This means, don’t focus or be obsessed about your wish now.  You have given out your request to the Universe with the correct frequency and vibes, now let the Universe think about how and when to give you your wish.  If possible, do not put any targets for losing weight, because only Universe knows how much time will be ideal for getting your perfect weight.  Do not focus on losing weight, instead focus on your ideal weight. Many people put a target say lose 5 kgs in a month, or 1 kg in a week.  If any one gets success in this then it is good but if not then its disappointing.  When we do not achieve a particular target, we start losing interest in our workout and healthy routine.  We start doubting Universe for not manifesting our wish.  This is not at all proper, if you believe in your wish and Universe.  Have unwavering faith in the Universe because it knows how and when to grant our wish.

3.  Look at other good things in your present life.  Give heartfelt thanks for all the good things you have in your life right now.  For small things to big things, give thanks to the Universe every single day, every single moment.  Focusing positively only on our wish is not going to work because when we are only focused on our wish, we start forgetting other good things in life and this makes us think only about our visualizations and our wish.  This makes us do follow ups every now and then, whether we are heading towards our dream or not.  We only think about whether we are getting our desired weight.  When we see no much difference, we start losing hopes and start doubting Universe that ultimately leads to frustration.  We tend to think that Law of attraction does not work.  But instead by focusing only on your wish, you are sending thoughts to the Universe that you have not received your perfect weight, and so law of attraction works against your wish, but it is still working.  It is you who are getting into the way of your dream being manifested.

4.  Action is important.  Continue your daily workouts with all enthusiasm and positive energy.  Have healthy food and appreciate yourself all the time.  Being proud and appreciating yourself are two different things.  You have to feel good about yourself.  You have to feel good about every part of your body.  Develop an attitude of gratitude and appreciation for self and others.

5.  Stay in happy mode all the time.  Enjoy your life everyday.  Spend your day at work and at home with good feelings.  Try to keep your frequency high always.  Whenever you see any girl [ie. for girls intending to have perfect weight] or a guy [ie. for guys intending to having perfect weight] with perfect weight, appreciate it and give thanks to the Universe for the perfect weight.  If you see any girl or guy with not perfect weight [ie. fat or too thin], then do not give any feelings for that, neither good nor bad because by giving unnecessary feelings you would attract it to you.  So appreciate your perfect weight and be indifferent to not so perfect weight.

6.  Those who are not much acquainted with visualization can try looking at the images of their perfect desired weight on the internet everyday.  You can try getting the pictures of your perfect weight and paste them in your dream book or any other place where you would look at them everyday and feel good about it giving lots of thanks to the Universe for granting your wish.

7.  Receive your perfect weight.  At the correct time, you will receive your perfect weight if you properly and correctly let law of attraction work in your favour.  Have unwavering faith in Universe.

Dancercise in front of mirror makes a difference

For healthy body and mind exercise is of utmost importance.  Its not necessary to workout in a definite manner.  A person can workout per his or her choice related to the type of exercises, and the suitable place and time.  People do various types of workouts like cardio, aerobics, cycling, swimming, playing sports, going to gym, etc.  Many people like me feels home as suitable place for exercise.

For past many months I have developed a habit of working out in front of full length mirror of my almirah and I have realized that when I do my workouts in front of full length mirror, it becomes enjoyable as I can see myself doing exercise and how my body and soul enjoys it.  While doing dancercise, I really enjoy every movement and also see how my body is getting into shape day by day.  It feels awesome when you appreciate your own self.  We always wish that people appreciate us, but we fail to develop that attitude for ourselves.  We do not appreciate ourselves and except others to appreciate us.  While working out in front of full length mirror and singing with the song gives an amazing feeling.  I really enjoy and don’t even realise how time passes by doing workout.  It does not seem as doing exercise, rather it becomes an awesome fun and enjoyable moment everyday.

So with this blog post, I would like to suggest all my readers who workout at home that do the workout in front of full length mirror if you have one at home.  Look at yourself in the mirror when you workout, appreciate your each body part, every corner of yourself.  Appreciate your personality.  Appreciate your very existence on this earth.  Look at your face, your smile and the glow while doing workout.  Look at how healthy your body is when it perspires.  Perspiration is a healthy thing and with each workout, you become more and more strong, healthy and beautiful.  Appreciate the way you have been created by god, give lots of love to you and god.  When you give love for your body and appreciate the beauty of your body, you will be giving out strong positive vibes and with that you attract more and more positivity for your health and body.

Try the above suggestions and let me know if it worked for you.   Have a healthy life and perfect body.


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