Happy Happy Happy

I am so happy today, infact everyday is a joyful day. Universe always listens to my heart. I love Universe.

Two days back, our family got an invitation for a birthday party from one of our family friends. Dad informed me and mom about the invitation. All of us were invited but some how I did not want to go as it was a birthday of an elderly lady with whom I don’t communicate much. She is of same age as my mom and dad. There was no one of my age in the invitees. It was not that I don’t respect her, some how was not feeling like going for the party. I told mom that I don’t want to go for the birthday party. Mom insisted me to come because aunty’s family is one of our family friends and they would feel bad if I don’t attend the party. I agreed to go with mom dad for the party. Though I agreed but in my heart I said “Oh God! I do not wish to go for the party not only because there would not be any person of my age but just its my heart saying not to go, please do something”.

When it seemed that attending birthday is unavoidable, I took it positively and thought that it would be a nice outing as the place we were invited was around 15 kms away from our home. We booked an autorickshaw as the distance was quite long and no one from us were in the mood of driving our vehicle so far.

I was very excited for the ride and also because today I wore my new jeans which I bought some six months back with a small size. As I have lost around 5 kgs, I was glad to wear my new jeans and top for the party. We all got ready and left our place for the party. On the way I enjoyed the environment around me. I observed everything around me like people going by, shops, dresses wore by meniquines outside shops, vehicles, animals, advertisement hoardings, etc. every little thing was making me feel so good. I saw so many cars of one of my favorite brand and model. It was an awesome feeling, sitting in auto, observing everything around us on the way and singing my favorite song, ofcourse in my mind as can’t sing loudly on road.

After 30 minutes, we reached the place and to confrm the block no. of house, my dad called our family friend. To our surprise, we got to know that we were invited not today but tomorrow. The person who invited us, did not informed date and day, he had told dad that “please come day after tomorrow for the party”. He forgot to tell the details and dad forgot to ask. Uncle who invited us told dad that today when we called to confirm block no. that “you all are invited tomorrow not today and right now we are not at home, sorry for miscommunication”, dad said ok. What a mis-understanding, mom and dad were quite annoyed as we came so long but it was fault on both side, the person who invited and my dad who received the invitation. Then we told our auto driver to drive back home. This misunderstanding annoyed mom and dad a bit but I was very happy because I did not want to attend the party. Tomorrow is the party but we are not going because we are already occupied in work tomorrow.

I was damn happy as we drove back home. I thanked Universe for listening my prayer and within few minutes something catched my eyes on the way home. We took a turn from a cross road and there was a restaurant on which it was written “Have fun”.

Wow!!! I realised immediately that god is saying, “Your wish is fulfilled now have fun”, isn’t this amazing? After some time mom also laughed and said “I think god wanted us to go for an outing as we do not go for outing much. Me and dad smiled, but within my heart I was laughing and dancing. As I was joyful all the time while going to the party, god manifested my wish. Being joyful all the time is so important. I am really very happy today.

Universe is so loving.

I love you Universe.


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