A Black Cow

Today while doing work in my room, I just glanced out of the window and to my surprise “Oh! A black buffalo in our society?” were the words from me.  In few seconds I realised that it was a black cow and not black buffalo.  We never get to see buffaloes in our society but the cows.  However, I did not see a black cow in our society for past many months or I could say more than a year.   As our society is full of trees and greenery which just mesmerizes everyone, especially in monsoon, animals like cows, dogs and monkeys can be seen in our society and give us so much good feeling. You might think what Is good about animals in residential society? I just love animals, they are so important part of our life.  I feel so good when I see animals near our house, some times different kind of birds can be seen chirping around in their melodious voice.  I just love them.  People here offer food whenever they see animals in our society.

I was damn happy to see a black cow in front of my room window after such a long time.  As I know that whatever I see or experience is attracted to me by my thoughts and feelings, so just thought of why I saw a black cow today?  Within few minutes I remembered a black cow I saw in a movie the previous night, ie. Yesterday night.  This real black cow was grazing in the green grass opposite to the road in front of my room window.  As I thought of the cow I saw in the movie, this cow suddenly turned to me and I could see her face.  What a miracle?  Wow!!! this black cow looked exactly the same as I saw in the movie.  Now it would seem funny if I say about her looks, but you would agree that the faces of animals also differ from one to another.  Not all cows or all dogs look same.  If you could have seen the black cow in the movie and this real cow in front of my window, you would also feel surprised.

I attracted a beautiful black cow, Wow!!! The law of attraction always works whether intentional or unintentional.  I did not see the black cow in the movie to attract it in physical world but it happened unintentionally because the law of attraction does not understand whether its intentional or unintentional, it just obeys your thoughts and feelings.  My focus went on the cow in the movie and she came in reality the next day at very unexpected time.  The movie worked like a vision board, I saw it and got it.  Just imagine, if we really work on our thoughts to make our dreams come true, how amazing it would be.


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