Law of attractions – Exam success

I cleared my 1st semester of Professional exam in April 2015.  As I was aware of how to set law of attraction [LOA] into motion intentionally, I applied it for studying positively and clearing my exams.  I began my studies for 1st semester exam due in February 2015, from mid of August 2014.  It is not that I only applied LOA to clear the exam, but studied well.  Studies are very important on our part to do, but when we apply intentional LOA by putting out the correct frequency of “Pass Result” and have faith in Universe for our success, we get perfect guidance from the Universe for proper studies and clearing our exams.  This was my first experience of applying LOA for getting guidance for proper studies and my pass result.  Along with studies, I did the following a week before my exams in February 2015 –

Step 1:  One fine day, I took out 1 minute for visualization.  After few seconds of relaxation [relaxation of body and mind and feeling good is important for visualization], I visualized myself jumping with joy and telling my parents, sister and friends about my pass result.  I saw myself sharing the good news of clearing my first semester exam and felt as if it is real.  The visualization was so clear, that I was actually feeling the joy of passing first semester with good marks.  It was the correct frequency given out into the Universe.  The imagination was so real that I had tears of joy during visualization.  I did this only once.  This can be repeated everyday, if it feels good and if you want to make your belief strong.  I did the visualization only once because it was perfect and I had strong belief about my pass result.

Step 2:  After visualization, I searched google for appropriate picture related to the success of 1st semester and with god’s grace the first image I came across was the perfect.  I downloaded the image on my desktop and everyday before starting my studies I would look at this picture and feel so good as if I have already cleared my exams.  While looking at this picture, I would give lots of thanks to the Universe for my pass results.  This is optional, but one of the best way to attract our desires.

Step 3:  I gave lots of thanks to the Universe for my perfect studies and my pass result every single day, not only while looking at the picture but also while doing everyday prayers.  This continued till my results were declared.

Step 4:  I would be joyful all the day and express my heartfelt gratitude every single day for all other good things in my life.

Along with the above things, I gave my best in studies and appeared for exams.  My exams went perfect and effortless.  I was damn sure I would clear my exams with good marks.  In our course, we have to submit assignment bearing 100 marks before appearing for the exams and that the marks obtained in the assignment are included in the total marks for the semester.  So after appearing for exams, within few days, a thought came to start writing assignment for 2nd semester and submit it by the end of March 2014.  As per planning, I visited our Institute’s website and looked for the assignment questions.

Now this was funny on my part, I suddenly remembered that results were supposed to be declared in mid of April 2015 and only if I clear 1st semester, I would be able to submit the assignment for 2nd semester.  I laughed out loud after realizing this because I was behaving as if I have already passed my exam.  The belief of already clearing my exam was so strong that I did not realize that results are yet to be declared.

The tentative date for result was 18th April 2015.  On 8th April 2015, while at work I just opened the website of the institute to check whether the date of result was confirmed.  When I clicked the ‘exam result’ option, I was shocked!!!!

Guess what!!!   It was my mark sheet on the screen.  The result was already out and my mark sheet was posted on site.

I cleared my 1st semester with good marks.  There were 2 papers and one assignment, I got 75/100  in first paper, 70/100 in assignment and 50/100 in case study paper and overall 65%.   It was my first experience of case study paper and we were supposed to write a case study [real or fictitious] on cyber crime topic given in the paper.  I gave fictitious case study on the given topic but as it was my first experience, I scored low marks in that paper.  But I was really happy to score good marks in other two papers.  On checking the results immediately I informed my family and my friends.   All were so happy.  Universe guided me perfectly for my studies to clear my exams.   Now I am studying for 2nd semester exam and everyday enjoy my studies.

When I did the visualization, I put out the request of passing the exam by giving out correct frequency which created my pass results in meta physical plane.  So once anything is created in meta physical world, it will surely come to this physical world thereafter because anything that happens in this physical world always gets created in some one’s mind first.  Nothing in this physical world comes directly without a thought of it in the mind.  I created my pass result in my mind before appearing for exams and gave thanks to the Universe in advance for the pass result and as the Universe says “Your wish my command”, I got my pass result with good marks in reality.

On my part, it was important to create the desired result in my mind in advance, give heartfelt gratitude for my results as many times as possible before appearing for exams and keep that positive frequency at the same high level until results were declared.  Had my faith waivered anytime before exam or results and had I been negative for my results, the result could have been affected adversely.  So unwavering faith in the Universe is must to receive our desires.

Enjoy the process:  Many people think that by applying LOA they can pass, so they make all efforts in applying LOA and not study.  For those who are obsessed only with results, it is my suggestion that rather then focussing only on results, enjoy your studies.  Even if you clear your exams with very less studies, what will be your future.  I mean to say, we study to gain knowledge and not only to pass the exam.  It is so much fun to learn new things everyday related to our profession and about other areas of life.  Clearing the exams is important to get a job or start a business, but studies have much more importance because we get the knowledge and wisdom for our desired profession only through studies.  Studies will give us the knowledge, confidence, skills and expertise to perform better and better every single day in our profession and in our personal life.  Suppose you clear your exams but did not have much knowledge in your field, will you be able to perform your best at work?  Certainly not.  So, along with creating your pass result in advance through LOA, give your best in studies.  In fact, ask Universe to guide you in studies and then see how things work out for you perfectly.  When you properly apply LOA and get the guidance from Universe for your studies, you will not have any negative thoughts or worries for not clearing the exams, anymore.   Many people being unaware of LOA apply it unintentionally and get the same results.

So try intentional LOA and give your best in studies.  All the best.


2 thoughts on “Law of attractions – Exam success

    1. If you believe you will pass with good marks, you will. Visualize yourself already passed your exam and feel it real as if you have already passed. Be grateful for all the blessings you have in all the areas of your life.


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