Fresh Mint, Mango + Watermelon Salad

Healthy salad. Want to try this?

Mindful & Fresh

Fresh Mint, Mango + Watermelon Salad Fresh Mint, Mango + Watermelon Salad

Do you feel that? The heat slapping your skin, the sun rays changing your tones, your pores are beginning to leak as you realize, summer is here. There is not a more refreshing fruit than watermelon when they announce a scorching day.

Before I begin my schpeel, I have a question. A watermelon question. How do you know you know that you are purchasing a good one? Do you smack it around, throw it up, but whatever you do, please share in the comment box below because this is just a mystery. Personally, I look at the shade of green and if it is pretty. There is very little rationalization behind this theory and therefore, comment below!

There are many takes on Watermelon Salad. I am a big cheese fan and find watermelon to contrast well with Goat Cheese, Feta Cheese and Fresh Mozzarella. Herbs are another…

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