Fool your kids into eating spinach thanks to this recipe!

Really good recipe, not only for kids but for all. Thanks Sophie for sharing this recipe. Pure veg people may exclude eggs and prefer veg cheese as an alternative. Try this if you haven’t tried it till now. I love spinach in all types of recipes, so going to try this as well.



I don’t know why but I never seem to cook much during summer; and everything I make seems to turn into some sort of a salad! I guess it’s the dream of a perfect bikini body that keeps me salad inclined! Sure, there are all those BBQ occasions that keep my family well fed but even those are relatively simple, usually summing up to grilled meat, fish and veggies.

Yet when my days allow me a little more me time, when clouds fill up the sky and hide the sun, I do get a burst of inspiration and decide to tackle some sort of complex recipe. This is what happened the other day. I’ve been trying to get my kids to eat spinach lately since they are sort of in season. Not surprisingly enough, that didn’t work. I tried cooking my spinach super simply with a little bit of butter…

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