Cleaning with fun

Few months back, my sister and my nephew were at our place.  We were so buzy with him playing and chatting.  He just loves to talk and interesting thing is, he is very active and always eager to help his mom and other family members in every task.

One fine evening, my sister decided to clean the net attached to the windows for preventing mosquitos and other insects from entering the house.  The nets are made of plastic and attached to all the windows in the house with velcro.  While I was buzy on my laptop doing some work, I overheard my sister’s and my nephew’s conversation.  My nephew offered my sister to help her clean the nets.  She took out the net from one window from the bed room and put it on the ground at the back side of our compound and started cleaning it with soap and water.  First she made the net all wet with water and then applied soap.  Then slowly started brushing it to clean the dirt.  My nephew saw this and was so excited to do the activity.  It was something new and as he loves to play in water, he asked his mom in his cute voice ” Mumma, shall I help you clean this net”.  My sister was so glad to hear this, she allowed him to help her.  She taught him the process of cleaning.  First to make the net wet with pouring water all over the net, then applying soap all over, then brushing out the dirt and finally again washing with the water.  After washing, putting the net on the rope tied in the compound for drying the clothes.  As I was listening to mom an son’s conversation, I just smiled and went out to see what was going on.  I saw my nephew was actively doing all the activities starting from pouring water on the net, then applying soap and brushing with his cute little hands and then washing the net again at the end.

I too started helping them and suddenly we saw that my nephew was pouring the water even after the net was fully washed.  Instead of pouring the water where required, he was playing with water.  Now that was the time to make him understand the value of water in life.  So my sister calmly explained him that water should be applied only when and where it is required.  She made him understand that by putting water on already cleaned net would get wasted which is not fair.  He then said “Ok..Mumma I will pour water only where you say, will not waste it”.  Hearing these words made us so glad that he quickly understood what his mom told about value of water.

This was again a fun learning activity.  If we teach children in everyday life like this, learning with working, it helps the child to learn it fast.  Such learnings go a long way with the child because he always remembers this activity of cleaning and that whatever he learned doing this activity.

A post for Kellogg’s Chocos- Khuljaye Bachpan


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