Do you discuss about inflation, price rise or recession?

Discussing about inflation, rising prices or recession has been now a part of life of majority of people around us. We see ladies talking about increase in prices of vegetables, fruits and milk. Lot of attention is given to petrol price hikes, rise in school and tution fees of children. Men would be seen discussing about inflation, hike in petrol prices, recession, etc. Do you discuss this stuff much often? If yes then I would ask you, why?

By discussing about inflation, price hikes or recession, do you attract money to cope up with this situation?

Do you feel good when you discuss these issues?

Do you feel positive when you discuss these issues?

Are these discussions taking you towards abundance?

Think about these questions next time when you think about these issues in isolation or discuss within group.

By thinking or discussing these issues you are attracting lack of money situations because you are focusing on price rise or recession which are the subjects indicating lack of abundant money. Thinking and complaining about price rise, you are pushing away money from you and your income will never be enough to face the price rise.

Infact, the inflation, recession or any economic situation is actually an effect not the cause.

We think that all our money problems are due to price rise and low income compared to the price rise. We think and feel that due to recession, economy is facing financial and commercial loss and so we are suffering. This is what we think and feel but this is totally opposite of the fact. The fact is what we see in the economy is the effect and for this effect, the cause is within each of us. The economy is showing the effect of our thoughts. The more we give our energy and focus to the financial issues by our individual and collective thoughts, the more such issues will show up in future continuously because the law of attraction is working 24×7 and responding to our thoughts.

If you want to attract money, then focus on ‘money’ and not ‘lack of money’. Be grateful for all the money you have been given throught your life till now. Be grateful everytime you earn money may be in the form of your salary or discounts or bank transfer or gifts, etc. Be grateful that for your every need god is giving you money. Unless you are grateful for the money you receive, you cannot attract more money.

Complaining or thinking or discussing about inflation, price hikes or recession is taking you towards life where there is lack of money while gratitude and feeling good about money takes you to the life of abundance. Choice is yours. Which life do you wish, the one with lack of money or the one with abundant money?


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