Everyday is magical

Universe is really awesome.

“Your wish is my command”  this is what Universe says through the law of attraction.

Everyday is magically presenting itself in front of me.  This is true that being grateful for tiniest to biggest things in everyday life will show more and more joyful moments coming to you.  This is happening to me for past 15 days and as I have learnt how to give out love for every little things everyday and how to positively focus on my dreams, life seems to be amazing everyday, every moment.  I just can’t express this in words how happy days are going and that every wish is been fulfilled by the Universe.

There is abundance in all areas of life.  Whatever I wish for, may it be smallest thing, it is been fulfilled.  Wow!!!

Unintentionally and intentionally, I everyday attract so many joyful moments like my favourite food item, money, chat with friends, good stuff to read, photographs of my nephew, etc.  Even I attracted various pleasant surprises by just feeling amazing and expressing my heartfelt gratitude in the morning, in advance to the god for giving me pleasant surprises and joyful moments for the day.

Yesterday evening, I wished to see my nephew’s photographs who is 2 and half years old, as I had not seen him for past 1 month because my sister, her husband [my jiju] and my nephew lives in another city.  I did not tell about my this wish to anyone.  But before I could tell this to my sister so that she can send me the photograph, Universe gave me a surprise.  While doing workout the next morning, my mom came to me with the phone and said “Look how cute he looks”, it was my nephew’s photograph with new school uniform as he began his schooling in Nursery class this month.  I was so delighted to see his photographs, I literally got tears in my eyes as it was my heartfelt wish to see him and god fulfilled that wish so fast.

Day before yesterday, while chatting with my mom about food recipe, instantly a thought about Ragda pattis came to my mind.  I just love it.  But funny thing was my thought was focused only on pattis, I mean to say, instant vision was about aloo pattis with chutney..its so yummy.  Again, this was a silent thought not discussed with anyone.  However, Universe knew that so guess what, next day in lunch along with normal meal, mom prepared aloo pattis with chutney and curd…Wow!!! my joy was in the air.  Hot alloo pattis with chutney and curd, its simply amazing.  Even in case of money, feeling good about it is keeping the flow of money abundant everyday.  Isn’t this amazing?

I am enjoying my studies everyday, spending quality time with family and friends.  Every night before sleeping, I give tons of heartfelt thanks to god for all the wonderful things in my life, for all the blessings and for always fulfilling my wishes, not only for myself but the wishes which are for others.  It hardly takes 5 to 7 minutes to express heartfelt gratitude to the god for all the amazing things in life.  I literally replay all the day activities in my mind and say thank you for all the amazing moments remembering them one by one.  It gives me so much joy and makes me feel loved by the almighty whose love is so unconditional.

Every morning, as I wake up and put my feet on the floor to stand, I express lots of gratitude to the Universe for being alive to see another beautiful day and thank god in advance for all the joyful moments and good things coming my way.  Further, I prevent myself from thinking or discussing negative stuff during the day.

Everyday is a blessing.  Life is amazing because I am creating it.  God always wants us to be happy and live life we deserve.  By being grateful and positive everyday, I am helping god to create a beautiful life for me, so that I can help others to let them create their amazing lives.


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