Words could uplift or hurt…there is always a choice

This is absolutely true. I feel the same. Words spoken cannot be reversed. Especially when a person is angry, he or she speaks without thinking about the words he or she is speaking. Unnecessary words [bad words] hurt more than physical injury. Relations broke more from bad words rather than any other negative stuff. Similarly, good words, appreciating and encouraging words could boost one’s spirit amazingly. Genuinely spoken good words can create amazing relationships. After all life is about spreading love and not hate because love given out attracts more love to you and hate given out attracts more hate to you. So always think twice before saying unnecessary words. Think about whether you would like to listen such words for yourself? If yes, then go on and if no then prevent yourself from speaking. Thanks Ash for sharing this wisdom.

Asheka Collins

When I was younger, I never hesitated to say exactly what was on my mind.

How never crossed my mind. Just be truthful I always thought but the wisdom of growing up teaches us that…we don’t have to say everything, that words could hurt and destroy and even better words could encourage and uplift.

We always have a choice in the words we utter and the messages we want to convey.

SO I share a nice – quote I got from a friend of mine. It made me think of the lessons I’ve learnt about the words I speak…

With love and light


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