The 5 love languages by Gary Chapman

I loved this blog post…especially the diagram below. Thanks Ash for sharing these awesome words.

Asheka Collins

Falling in-love is magic. Often it is intense and all-consuming, and after a period of time it fizzles out or changes into a slower but enduring love.

Imagine changing that in-love feeling to an enduring love that is always nourishing.

In fact imagine loving in a way that let all the special people in your life see it, feel it and believe it. Wouldn’t that be incredible and as you love them, they love you right back in the way you need to be loved.

Well Gary Chapman’s book – The five love languages – offers you exactly that. By understanding the love language of those close to you, you could love them in just the right way.

The 5 love languages are Quality time; Words of Affirmation, Gifts; Acts of Service and Physical touch.

Of course most of us have more than one….

I’m including a nice diagram which…

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