My new pink dress

For last few days I had a strong wish to see my new pink dress which was kept in a suit case placed on the almirah for past many months. It was one of my favorite dresses. Till today I have not wore it, it is a new dress, just had tried it once when I bought it two years back. It is a really beautiful dress in dark pink (more on red side) with some portion in navy blue velvet and multicolor stones embroidery. It was kept in a suit case as I had no plans for wearing that dress in last few months. But don’t know why just felt to see it once and feel good about the beauty of the dress.

Three days back I took out the suit case from the top of the almirah for some reason. That time I did not remember about my wish to see the dress kept in that suit case. The next day as I was doing some work near the suitcase, I remembered my wish to see the dress and took the bag to open. Though I took the bag to open, but for some reason I kept it back and did not open, thought to see it later. One more thing about my this wish was, I had clicked a picture of new pink dress in my old phone but later deleted it. So it was not available in my phone and there was no other source to see my dress except taking it out from the bag.

That day I did not open the bag as I got buzy in my work but Universe did not forget about my wish and gave me awesome surprise by showing me the photograph of my dress in syncd photos category on my social network account. That day I was surfing my social network account and thought of deleting my old pics saved in my profile. After deleting pictures from albums, I went to the category “synced photos” which I had never visited. In syncd photos group, all the pictures from my old phone were automatically syncd and saved when I was using my old phone and in those pictures was the picture of my beautiful new pink dress. I was literally stunned looking at the photo. It made me so happy and again increased the sense of gratitude for the Universe who is always commited to its promises. I love Universe.


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