‘Believing’ and ‘letting go’ is the real test for manifestion of your desires

‘Law of attraction’ or say ‘Law of Universe’ always work on four aspects whether applied intentionally or unintentionally.  The four aspects are –


Those who have the knowledge of this process, they might have experienced how it works.  Those who do not know about this process or what is law of attraction, I request you to visit my earlier blog posts on this topic.  So that this particular post can be understood properly.

In the above process, the easiest part is ‘ASK’, you ask intentionally or unintentionally.  Whatever thought and feeling you give out for a particular thing or person or situation, you are ‘ASKING’.  When you ask, you will surely receive whether good or bad based on positive or negative thought you gave out.

Right now we will discuss about this process when applied intentionally for manifesting your desires.  Desire can be in any area of your life and can be small or big.  It can be work, job, relationship, money, etc.  In case of desires related to relationship there are few important points to be considered which we will discuss in coming post.

Now back to the manifestation process.  Those who have experienced intentionally manifesting their desires, they might be knowing about the importance of ‘believing’ and ‘letting go’.  If you are not knowing about ‘Letting go’, then you have come to a right place.  In this post you will understand why ‘believing’ and ‘letting go’ is important for manifesting your desires.  It is known to all that Universe responds to our thoughts all time.  Whatever we think or feel and give our focus to, we attract it to ourselves as our life experiences.  Universe does not know what we are thinking is what we want or do not want.  The law faithfully responds to our thoughts whether good or bad in the form of our future life experiences.

When we intentionally apply the law for manifestation of our dreams, we first ask for it.  ‘Asking’ can be done by just thinking of your desire, or writing it down or saying it in your mind as you think about it.  After the first step ‘Ask’ is complete, the second step ‘Believe’ comes into picture.  The law of attraction manifests your desire when you give out your desire into universe through ‘Ask’ step and in addition to that you need to believe in the beauty of your desire.  ‘ Believing’ in your dream means having unwavering faith in yourself and the Universe that your dreams will manifest into reality.  Your belief can be strong only when you feel from your heart that you have already received your desire.  When you truly believe in your desire, you have 100% faith in the Universe and you do not worry about not getting your dreams fulfilled.  There are many ways for making your belief strong, some are explained as below:

1.  Intuition –>  Your intuition, your heart truly feels an instinct to positively initiate in the direction of your desire.  This instinct creates an urge to go towards your dreams.  Follow your intuition.

2. Visualization –>  You visualize having your dream already received and you feel the joy as if it is real experience though it is only in your mind.  When you visualize already living your dream and feel that joy NOW, then no one in this world can stop you believing in your dream because you have actually lived that moment and felt that joy of having already received.  The vision was so clear and the feelings of joy were so real that your mind and your heart cannot make out the difference that whether it was in your mind or in reality.  When you visualize living the dream and feel the joy of having it now, you tune into the frequency of already having it and the Law must give it to you.  Feeling good and having clear detailed vision is important.  One more important thing, your vision should be moving.  This means you should visualize as if you are living your dream.  In your imagination, you should act, how you would act when you receive your dream, exactly that way you have to act.  Stand still vision is not called visualization.  Visualization is like a movie which you play in your mind.  This movie can be played anytime you feel good.

3.  Vision board –>  ‘Vision board’ is a board or say any place where you stick the images about your dream and positive affirmations in present tense that makes you feel good about already having received your dreams.  After placing the relevant pictures or positive affirmations about your desires, you should look at them as many times a day as you can and when you see your vision boards, give your heartfelt thanks to the Universe as if you have already received your desires.  This is required until your belief becomes strong about materialization of your desires.

4.  Music –>  Music also can help in getting into the correct frequency of your dreams.  Music is something that gives us a really good feeling and many people including me, use Music as one of the tool for getting into the correct frequency of our desires.

The above are some of the easy tools which we can use to get into the right frequency of our desires and to make our belief strong about the manifestation.  When you have unwavering faith in the Universe about making your dreams come true, you no more worry or fear about not getting your desires.  Even after you do visualization or any other stuff, if you doubt about whether you will get your desire, you are actually pushing away your desires from you because by worrying or doubting or fearing, you are giving out thoughts and feelings of ‘not having your desires’ and the law obeys to that, resulting in delay or non-materialization of your dreams.  Just think about a dinner at restaurant for a moment, when you go in a restaurant for having meal, you place an order of your choice only once and do not follow up for your order with the guy at the restaurant because you have 100% faith that your chosen meal will be served to you.  This is unwavering faith.  Another example is, when you go to bed at night, you have lots of plans for the next day about what you will do at work, etc., because you know with 100% surety that you will see the next day.  This is unwavering faith in the Universe that you will be alive the next day to see the life.  Same way, you need to have 100% faith in the Universe about materialization of your dreams.

When you have unwavering faith in the Universe, the next important step comes in and that is ‘Letting go of your desire’.  Now you may think that at one instance I am saying that feel good about your desires as if already received and at another instance I am saying, let go of your desires.  Why?

‘Letting go of your dreams’ and ‘giving up on your dreams’ are two different aspects.  ‘Giving up’ is having 100% surety that your dreams would never materialize and you stop dreaming because you think it will not come true.  However, ‘letting go of your dreams’ means once you have acted from your side for asking and believing, leave it to the Universe about how, when and in what way your dreams shall be fulfilled.  Do not follow up with the Universe for your dreams again and again asking why my desire did not yet manifest?  Do not doubt on Universe looking at the outer scenario in this physical world which may seem totally opposite to the reality of your dream because when you worry or doubt or follow-up for your desires constantly, you are getting into the way of Universe.  You are creating hurdles for the Universe by your negative thoughts.  The law of attraction obeys to your doubts and pushes you dreams away from manifesting.  ‘How, when, where’ are the concerns of the Universe.  Let it do its job, you mind your job.  Your job is to be conscious about your present life.  You need to be alert enough to understand the signs of the Universe who is working for manifesting your dreams.  By signs, I mean to say Universe will send the correct persons, things and situation your way which will take you to your dreams.  You need to be alert to understand the opportunities come your way and act on it.

Suppose, if you want your dream car then after doing the above steps, you need to continue looking for Car ads, dealers, offers, everything you need to do to buy the car.  It is not that you just imagine and sit at home and the car would be at your door steps.  By applying the above law of attraction steps, the Universe sets into motion the people, things and situations which are on the same frequency of your dreams and so you will see them coming your way.  Grab those opportunities and reach your goal.  Dreams can be small or big, every dream can be fulfilled with the correct frequency and unwavering faith in the Infinite intelligence ie. the Universe, which is incredibly powerful that we can ever think.

It is seen that small desires are quickly fulfilled compared to big desires many times.  The reason for this is, we are not much concerned for small desires and we tend to forget them and when we forget them totally, we get out of the way of Universe and it manifests quickly.  On the other hand, for big desires like dream job, dream marriage, dream home, etc. we are so much involved and concerned that we just cannot forget about them and we tend to think about them every single day.  Some times positively and sometimes negatively when the physical world does not seem to be in tune with our dream life.  Also, many people make a mistake of always focusing and feeling good only about your desires ignoring other areas of life.  When you constantly think of your desires and constantly go for the above mentioned tools everyday ignoring other good things you have presently, you give out a frequency of not having it now and the law obeys delaying the manifestation of your dreams.

Visualization is proper when you feel good about it, if you think everyday that your dreams will be fulfilled only if you visualize and then you visualize about having received your dreams, then it would not work because even if you feel good, at the back of your mind you are saying that I need to visualize everyday for making my dream come true.  Visualization should be done when you genuinely feel to do.  It is absolutely alright if you visualize your dream once giving out correct frequency.  Along with the positive thoughts about your desires, you should feel and express your heartfelt gratitude to other good things in your present life.  You should embrace life’s goodness every single day because this will keep your frequency high and keeps you away from being concerned about your dreams all the time.  When you are not concerned about your dreams all the time, you do not think about ‘not having your desires’ which keeps negative thoughts away from your mind and that helps Universe to manifest your desires fast.

Many people tend to think about particular dates or days to receive their desires, but I personally feel that the correct time for manifesting our desires is known to the supreme power [Universe] and we should leave it to the Universe the perfect date and day for giving us our desires.  Also because if we specify any date of manifestation and on that date if we our desire does not manifest then we get disappointed and start doubting the Universe about the manifestation.  So where you are not sure about the date of manifestation of your desires, leave it on Universe to manifest them at perfect time and in the most perfect way.  You may think that you have put only one desire [say about your dream job] but in reality there are many desires small or big which you have asked in past and ask everyday through your thoughts which Universe has to respond and for materialising them Universe has to arrange every single desire perfectly.  So have 100% faith in the perfect timing and perfect way of Universe.

Be grateful for all the good things you have in your life presently and act for your dreams as if you already have them now, this will keep your frequency high all time and take you close to the reality of your dreams.  At any time if you feel low and doubt looking at the outer circumstances which are not in line with your dream, ask Universe for signs that will restore your faith and enhance your frequency.  Sign can be any thing you like to see or you can ask Universe to show a perfect sign.  Universe always responds, you need to be alert enough to understand what Universe communicates.

Law of attractions is the law of Universe which governs our life all the time and if we really wish to live our dreams and create beautiful life, we should understand how law works and should tune into the correct frequency of our dreams and stay on that frequency until we receive our dreams in reality.  Nothing in this world should prevent us from believing in the beauty of our dreams, only then we can live our dreams.



25 thoughts on “‘Believing’ and ‘letting go’ is the real test for manifestion of your desires

      1. Theres one more doubt, you mentioned “and act for your dreams as if you already have them now” but then you also mentioned, we shouldnt think abiut our dreams / desires all the time. So how do we act. Lets say, I wish to own a new BMW. I visualise it correctly and let it go. Be in the present n be thankful to my old maruti car… Where does the “act” fit in?


      2. Act as if…means not thinking abt ur desire with the feeling of lack because u already hv that. Totally forget or let go of lack thoughts. Also, when you drive your old car, appreciate it and feel as if you are driving your new car. Your new car should be with you and not the lack of it.


  1. Hi there!

    This post is really really inspirational.

    I have been in a 10 month relationship with an amazing guy and it had ended because of reoccurring shortcomings from both sides. Although I have chased and drove him to block me everywhere possible, I still know and believe that we will be together and happier in love and respect.

    I have written in my journal since 13 April and now, I have received tons and tons of signs from God (universe or whatever it is that you believe in – in my case it is God). I have days of sadness as well but I always try my best to shift my energy to what I choose to manifest.

    This post has been really inspirational for me – I am not letting go fully in the past and kept worrying about how or when or where my desire will manifest. I have to learn from this and let go and FULLY trust that my desire is on it’s way.

    Thank you so much!

    I would want to ask for kind hearts out there to pray for me in regards to my desire. I truly love this person so much.

    God bless and more power!



    1. Hi Donna,

      First of all thank you for visiting my blog, reading my post andresponding by pouring your heart here in. I would suggest you to listen Abraham Hicks video regularly. One of the best thing I learned about love life from Abraham Hicks is “Don’t miss the person if you truly love him or her”. This is so true, because when you miss someone badly, you are not actually loving him or her because when you miss someone, your heart is empty and you are expecting your loved one to fill your heart and complete you. So if your heart is empty, you don’t have love in you and what you don’t have you can’t give it to your loved one. So if you say your love him and you are missing him, then you are fooling yourself. So, better start lovimg him by loving yourself first. When you love yourself, you will fill your heart with love. Once your heart overflows with love for yourself, you loved will receive it automatically. Treat yourself the way you want him to treat you and that is with all love. Love yourself and feel his presence with you. Imagine him with you and feel the joy and excitement. Do things that make you happy and leave tje rest on the Universe. Your desire will manifest at the best time and in the most beautiful way. I will surely pray for you. I am sure your desire is on its way of manifestation.

      Loads of Love


      1. Thank you so much. I do love him. You are amazing, I wish you more power. Thank you so so much! I have been watching her videos as well and been reading a lot about The Secret as well. I am so very grateful that God answers prayers, guides us and reroutes us when needed.

        I find it very beautiful that you take time to read and respond with very detailed information. Thank you so much! I cannot thank you enough. Of all the signs I’ve received, you are one of them – THANK YOU!

        And also thank you for the support and prayers. I am truly truly grateful.



      2. Thank you Donna for your warm words. I believe your desire is on its way. Have unwavering faith in God and be happy, feel secure, he is yours already. Allow him to come to you with all his true love for you. Stay blessed.



    2. Donna – you and I are in the same boat, I am going through the same exact thing and I too believe with all my heart that things will work out the way I desire but I can’t seem to let go! I wish you luck! I too also believe in God and will pray for you!


      1. Hi Kathy, I feel for you so much. Let me keep you in my prayers as well. I know there will be bad days, that’s normal – what I’ve learned is don’t try to escape that feeling when you’re down. Just acknowledge it and lift it all up to the God and after that thank him for your strength and believe even more. I wish us both the best. Good luck, please keep me posted on your progress, as I would do keep you updated as well.


      2. Hi Donna & Kathy, sorry for jumping into your conversation. Just want to tell you that focus on the end always and believe it will happen. Ask god for strengthening your faith and belief. God loves you and is always there to help you. Talk to god positively as much as possible. Thanks!


  2. Thank you so much for the article. However, I am still a bit confused and would really appreciate your guidance when it comes to letting go. So you say that we should visualize and believe what we want (in this case a relationship/marriage to a specific person) then we should let it go while still believing we have it. My questions are:

    1) when we detached from the outcome does it mean that we detach from whether or not what we want will happen…(ie be ok with it even if it doesn’t manifest). Or do you mean be detach from how it actually happens, (meaning believe it will happen but don’t try to control how and when it actually manifests?)

    2) You guide us that we should visualize and believe that we already have what we want however we should then go out and look for it (your example of the car and that we should keep looking at adds and finding ways of how to buy it), but doesnt that mean that we do not believe that we already have what we want?

    3) also related to question #2 if we to keep looking for what we want how can we forget it. as you mentioned the smaller stuff that we ask for but then forget about because have let go seem to manifest faster. However if we are still activiley looking for the car then how can we forget it? also how does this apply to relationships? sometimes even if you know who you want to be with it is difficult to actually take action because that might push them away further especially if they are any ex.

    Sorry for the long post but this is a very interesting subject that can get confusing sometimes.

    I hope you will take the time to help me, and i thank you in advance for you assistance 🙂



    1. Hi, first of all thank you so much for your valuable comments and questions. Letting go is not a complicated aspect about deliberate manifestation but really important one to understand and implement. Here are the answers to all your questions.
      Ans to Que 1: ‘Letting go’ means detaching yourself from the how’s and when’s of the manifestation. Your job is to intend what you desire and get aligned vibrationally with your desire as if already fulfilled through visualization, affirmations, etc. and then let Universe work for you and decide how to bring your desire to you and when. You should have unwavering faith in the Universe’s ways of manifestation and the divine timings.
      Ans to Que 2: After you get aligned yourself vibrationally with your desires as if already happened, Universe will inspire you to take action through your inner impulses. Your inner being ie. your heart/intuition will guide you to act in a certain way, most of the time unexpectedly. This inspired action will manifest your desires. Like, if you want a certain car, rather than jumping directly into action, first align yourself vibrationally as if you have already got the car. Once you really feel it real, then let Universe work for you. When you allow Universe to bring your car to you in the most perfect way and at the best time, you will get inspired to take action like may be someone related to the car dealer may come into contact unexpectedly, may be you see an ad with a good discount offer of scheme unexpectedly, may be you get unexpectedly money for your car and you don’t need to take finance from bank as you thought to. So there will 30-40 ways with the Universe for bringing your car to you whereas you would think of 2-3 ways like selecting the car and take the finance and buy it. But with the deliberate creation methods, you allow the Universe to find any way to bring you your car. And the Universe loves to give pleasant surprises, isn’t it but we should have full trust in the Universe. So take inspired action and not the action.
      Ans to Que 3: Forgetting small stuff is easy but forgetting those desires which are significant to you are not easy to totally forget. But forgetting is actually not important as long as you are vibrationally aligned with your desires as if already fulfilled. In all cases, this is applicable, may it be work, relationship, health, etc. In case of getting your ex- back, its important to understand what your heart says. If you believe that he or she is meant for you, then you should first get vibrationally aligned to your desire as if already fulfilled and then let Universe manifest it in the best way. If you know Abraham hicks, you would appreciate what they said about manifesting relationships. I always hear to their videos and appreciate their guidance. However, there is one thing that I always remember and follow is – If you truly love someone and desire to be with him/her, then stop missing him/her because missing someone means you are feeling lack of his/her presence and that gets you out of alignment. Further, when you feel like missing someone, then you feel empty and you seek his/her presence to fill you up with love. You may say I love him/her so I am missing him/her but in fact in this case you don’t love that person because to love anyone, your heart should have love and when you feel empty means your heart is empty. You don’t have love within you and if you don’t have it, then your claim that you love that person is not true. So, it is worth appreciating that if you love that person and want him/her to be back in your life forever, you first have to get yourself in alignment with the reality where you both are together, vibrationally, and keep yourself in that alignment till that vibrational reality manifests into your physical reality.

      Hope, my answers will satisfy you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you once again for your comments.



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