Unintentionally attracted class headship – the law of attraction always works

This experience is about how I attracted class headship in standard 8th in my school. As I know now about the law of Universe, I can recollect that it was me who attracted class headship due to my strong focus on “not wanting to become a class head”. Till standard 8th education, I never became class head or I can say it never interested me much. I was never keen to become a class head, instead I always was a studious girl and was very negative about the role of a class head. It was my thinking that being a class head is a waste of time because teachers always call class head for any matter related to the students. So they had to invest their time on other activities than studies. I remember, I always told my friends that “I just dislike to be a class head, its a waste of time”. In my friend circle also, no one ever became a class head not because I was negative but because they were also not much interested in becoming class head. While studying in primary school, I gave hell lot of negativity about class headship though the class heads were always my good friends, untill standard 8th when I became class head. It was really a funny experience and unforgetable for me.

While studying in standard 8th, one day our class teacher announced about elections for class head. It was the first time election was being conducted in our class for selecting class heads. As we shifted from primary school building into secondary, all were much excited and it was a different feeling of studying in secondary. We thought, now all are senior students and so elections and all would be a normal events. As usual I was not much excited because no where I thought of participating elections and I was like “Elections! Hmm ok, what I have to do with that, I don’t want to become a class head, its a sheer waste of time.”

One day before elections, my female friends and my two – three male friends asked me to give my candidature for elections. My friends said “Why don’t you contest election for class head?”, and my obvious reaction was “Class head?.. Are you all ok? Why I should contest, I don’t want to be a class head and by the way even if I contest I would lose because no one would give me votes”. I was a kind of shy girl and a studious one. I hardly talked to guys except two-three boys. Our class’s strength was quite good, more than 50 students and the ratio of girls and boys was 35:65 respectively. So I was sure that since I don’t communicate with guys much, my chance of winning was very very low. Two class heads were supposed to be elected, one boy and one girl. My friends forced me to contest elections saying that you think that you will lose so what’s a big deal in contesting because if you lose elections, you won’t become class head this year. I said ok, what’s a big deal in contesting, I am going to lose. So no worries. On the day of election, final names were given for contestants, one of them was me. Class teacher was happy to see my name. Elections were held and all actively participated. Immediately after voting, the results were to be announced. All were eagerly waiting for the results. I was rest assured because I thought of not getting much votes. This happened in 1996, so that time it was some what simple voting method. All gave their individual votes by writing name of one boy contestant and one girl contestant on the piece of paper and dropping on the table after folding it properly so that one cannot see the name of the voted candidate. After the election was over, our class teacher asked one boy to write the names of all the contestants as a list and as the class teacher will open the paper chits one by one, the boy was asked to put “1” opposite to the name of the candidate. The candidates (one girl and one boy) with the highest “1’s” will get elected as classheads. The counting started. One by one chits were opened and voted candidate was given “1” opposite to his/her name on the black board. Initially there were least “1’s” besides my name. I was so happy and relaxed, I said to my friends “See, I told you na, I am going to lose”. My friends agreed. As the counting covered 50% strength of class, the scenario totally changed and my expressions were “What?… No…this is not fair…don’t write so many “1’s” besides my name.” I started getting nervous as the “1’s” were increasing opposite to my name. My friends were smiling and I was like, “you guys are smiling….how can you smile, I don’t want to win”. Then, the counting was concluded and it was me who won the election with highest number of votes. I was shocked and got so angry on my friends saying “I told you guys not to contest, now see what happened”. Then the class teacher called me and another boy who won the elections. I was not at all happy but then my friends calmed me down and made me understand that they forced me for contesting elections because they thought I have that potential of becoming a head and that I am so much loved by all students and teachers. This was visible through the number of votes I got. After sometime I also realised that it is not bad to be a class head and that now as I am elected with maximum votes, it is confirmed how much my class trusts my ability to become a head and how much they love me. Those students with whom I rarely had any conversations also voted for me. It was an honour. As I realised this, an amazing feeling was there. It was my first experience of becoming a class head. I accepted the responsibilty gracefully and for one year I performed my duties very well. Though at times, I could not attend some lectures due to other responsibilities as a head, my friends and teachers supported me for studies. Academically I did very well as always along with my responsibilities as the class head. This was possible only because of my teachers and my friends. I was really happy. Thereafter, my leadership journey started. As a team leader I performed many responsibilites in school and thereafter at work. It was a really good learning experience. When I look back today, I realise that one should not judge any person or position without proper knowledge and experience. I was 14 years old at that time and was quite immature. It was natural but important is to learn good things from our experiences and accept new changes in life because new changes takes out our potential at much higher level. Ofcourse Law of Universe worked on my negative thoughts but when I decided to accept the situation in front of me, it gave me lot of good learning and enhanced my inner potential as person, as a leader.


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