Power came in few minutes – Gratitude a magic wand

Past two years I am learning to develop an attitude of gratitude. To see good in everything is not only the words of positive people but its true for creating beautiful life because the law of Universe works all the time. It responds to our thoughts all the time. Today I am sharing one small experience which again showed me how powerful gratitude is.

Few days back while doing cycling on my stationery bike as a daily fitness routine, I was enjoying my workout and my favorite songs on my phone, suddenly there was a powercut. In our city we always have regular power supply and in rare cases there is power cut. So when I saw the fan was stopped and within no time I was perspirating like anything, I continued my workout with the same pace without getting disturbed by power cut. I saw the fan and said with a big smile on my face ” Thank you so much god for the perfect power” and just visualized that the power came back and my lovely fan started moving. After doing this for a minute, a fine thought came to my mind “Why not grab this opportunity to express love and gratitude for all the things I see in my room where I was doing my workout.” Immediately I started giving thanks to all the things in my room ie., my bed, almirah, clothes in almirah, fan, tubelight, laptop, my phone, headphones through which I listen my favorite songs, water bottle, bedsheet, pillow, laptop bag, my stationery bike which gives so much good health, family photo frame, show pieces on wall, the door of my room, windows which give wonderful cool breeze everyday, torch which gives light in dark, my wrist watch, our projector and photo slides, my books, the curtains, etc. For every single thing in the room, I expressed my heartfelt gratitude because each of these small to big things are essential part of my life everyday. It was genuine feeling of gratitude and to say thanks for all these things was an instant unexpectd thought. I said thank you to all the things in my room while doing cycling. It felt amazing, I was so happy and to increase my joy, Universe sent the power back and fan started moving. Trust me, power came back within few minutes as I finished my gratitude, isn’t it amazing?

Gratitude expressed with all our heart is the fastest way to tune into the frequency of abundance and to get closure to the source of all abundance, ie. The Universe, our god.

Now whenever I see powercut, instead of expressing bad feeling for electricity authorites and power cut, I just give lots of love and gratitude to the power and the magic happens. This always works.

Gratitude creates magic in all aspects of life. It is like magic wand, swing it in the air and see the magic. I am experiencing it everyday and you?


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