Celebration time – A big thanks to my readers

Hurray!!!!  Celebration time….


First of all a big thanks to my readers for giving their valuable time for regularly visiting my blog.

“Live Your Dreams – Create the life you wish” has completed 6 months on 20th June 2015 and today crossed over 3000 views covering 48 countries.  I am overwhelmed with joy and wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Universe for its unconditional love and guidance each day and to my awesome readers who have loved each of my blog posts, appreciated my efforts and everyday encourage me to share more and more good experiences and words of wisdom.  My aim of starting this blog was to spread joy in this world through my life experiences and this was one of my dreams.  Today I can say, I am on the correct path and still long to go but it would be possible only through your support.

In particular, one of the main intention behind starting this blog was to share the knowledge of power of thoughts.  When I came across the knowledge of the law of Universe two years back, I was literally blown away with the information.  I could easily and instantly relate my past experiences with this wisdom.  I could understand how I attracted good and bad incidences in life because of my good or bad thoughts, feeling and beliefs.  When I started learning and applying the knowledge of law of attraction or say law of resonance, amazing and some times miraculous positive changes were visible in my life.   Since past two years I am living my life with this great knowledge and everyday enjoying my life and improving myself on weak points.  I also experience low moments some times in life but with conscious efforts it becomes easy to overcome negativity.  When you become aware of your thoughts and feelings and know that you are creating your future life experiences with your thoughts and feelings, you can always create your life beautifully as you always want.

It feels really exciting and happy to inform you that as a part of this celebration “Live Your Dreams – Create the life you wish”, from 28th June 2015 till 27th July 2015, I would be posting articles from you.  There will two categories as below:

1.  Readers shared

In first category “Readers shared”, I invite stories from you about how positive thoughts, positive affirmations and the knowledge of the law of Universe have helped you to create beautiful life experiences.  Here, it is not necessary to share experiences particularly based on intentional law of attraction.  You can submit your life experiences where positive approach in life has helped you to overcome negativity and achieve your goals.  Readers, who have particular experiences about deliberate application of law of Universe or an experience where you have realised that your thoughts have created a negative stuff and you have consciously overcome that through positive thoughts can share their respective stories.  In short, I would say, an experience which would be an inspiration and a source of joy to the world.  Request you to send your real life stories only through email at  “gargi.akolkar@gmail.com” with the subject line “Live your dreams – Readers shared”.  It is not mandatory to send your name and place.  It is totally optional.  If you wish you can mention your name and place in the email along with your story.

Please do not send your stories in comments section on my blog posts. The stories will be randomly selected for publishing on the blog and in no particular order.  Every story is unique and gives lots of learnings in life.  However, it also depends upon the number of stories I receive because your stories would be posted thrice in a week [starting from 28th June 2015 till 27th July 2015].  If any of your stories are not posted in this 30 days celebration period, please do not lose heart.  Many more such celebrations would come in future in more interesting ways.  So keep loving and sharing with all your heart.

2. Reader’s choice

Under this category, I would love to write on topics suggested by you.  Few months back I had written posts on topics suggested by readers.  It was an awesome experience to receive good topics from readers. Earlier it was for 1 week, but now this time it would be for 1 month during the celebration period.  Request you all to actively participate in this celebration and suggest your topics.  Twice in a week [starting from 28th June 2015 till 27th July 2015], I would be posting articles on your suggested topics in a random order.  It feels amazing when you all encourage me in my efforts and help me to ahead towards my goal of spreading love and joy in this world.

Do participate in this celebration and enhance my joy for giving you the joy.

Looking forward for lots of amazing stories and topics for sharing on “Live your dreams – Create the life you wish”.

photo1243 (1)

As I have not put my photo anywhere on my profile, etc. on this blog, putting here for the first time after completion of 6 months of this blog, only to let my readers know the person and the author of this blog.


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