Golden Butterfly

In July 2014, I planned to pursue a professional course in cyber forensic and cyber security from a renowned institue in India. The course offered various options in terms of duration, level of difficulty and fees. It offered 6 months as well as 12 months option. 6 months certification was having only 1 semester whereas 12 months was having 2 semesters (6 months each). I thought to take up 12 months post graduate diploma course. When I was about to fill the application online, I got confused whether to go for 12 months course. My heart said 12 months and mind said 6 months. I have always listened to my heart because it always gives correct direction but this time some how was not able to decide about the duration of the course. My parents did not have any experience of such course so they told me to think about my ongoing job and how much time I would be able to spare for studies, then decide whether to go for 6 months course or 12 months. After giving a thought on my mom dad’s suggestion, 12 months course made a sense because it was post graduate diploma and 6 months course was a certification and the duration was very short. But still to give it a last shot of confirmation, I put out a request to the Universe to show me a “Golden butterfly” anywhere as a sign that 12 months course is appropriate and I should go for that. I put out this request in the morning on 26th July 2014. Till late evening I did not see any golden butterfly. As I was going to submit my application on 27th July 2014, I expected to see the sign anytime before I submit the application on 27th. Till night on 26th I did not see any golden butterfly but I was sure that Universe will help me to decide about my course. I told Universe that my heart says 12 months but to confirm that I am on right path, please show me golden butterfly anytime before submitting application on 27th. 31st July was the deadline for submitting application and it was important for me to submit my application by 27th. I just prayed at night and fell asleep.

Next morning on 27th, I forgot about this request and as everyday routine, with a sip of hot tea in the morning I opened my phone to check emails and messages. There were some “good morning” messages from friends on whatsapp. I opened 1st message and to my utter surprise and delight I saw my sign on the display pic of my friend’s whatsapp account. It was a golden butterfly. I was stunned because I had forgotten about it and god showed me the sign when I least expected it. I was so happy for Universe’s guidance. I then submitted my application for 12 months course. Presently I am pursuing 2nd semester, I successfully cleared 1st semester in April 2015 and now preparing for my exam due in Sep’2015 for 2nd semester.

Universe helped me to clear my doubts and go ahead with my intuition. Universe is really awesome, it is so prompt and perfect in communication. Universe loves us unconditionally all time and wants us to be happy 24×7.

I am sharing here the image of the golden butterfly that I saw as sign. I searched this image on internet today as I did not save it last year when I saw it on whatsapp.

The image credit goes to


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