Be careful about what you think, feel, say or write

We attract life experiences through our thoughts and feelings. This is the law of Universe. What we give, we receive. Without giving, one cannot receive. If we experience happy moments in life, that is because we had given happy thoughts earlier intentionally or unintentionally. Similarly if we experience bad or not so good moments, that is because we had given negative thoughts and feelings earlier intentionally or unintentionally.

Good or bad life experiences are exactly proportionate to the good or bad thoughts given out earlier. If we give out 20% positive thoughts and feelings, we cannot expect 80% joyful or happy moments. We will receive only 20%positive life experiences based on thoughts given out earlier. Our thoughts and feelings are having certain frequencies and vibrations because we are energy and our thoughts are energy waves. As our thoughts and feelings are energy, they have their own magnetic fields which attract the things, people and situations in life as good or bad life experiences, having same frequency. Thoughts and feelings are powerful but the words we speak or write are also equally powerful, may it be something about ourselves or for someone else.

Always be careful what you say or write. Spoken and written words also have their own frequencies and magnetic fields to attract like life experiences. This is true because I have experienced that in my life and also read and heard from other people about positive and negative spoken or written words attracted like experiences.

Some months back while reading a book, I came across a true story of a couple who lost their young son in a bike accident. They told that their son who was 28 years old was an awesome biker. He was passionate about bikes and he loved driving bike with a high speed. As he was an awesome biker, his driving was absolutely stunning. One day he lost his life in a bike accident. It is not needed here to express what his parents must be going through. God gave them strength to face this great loss but can we say that if god is so loving and kind then why he took their son’s life? We might think that he must have driven carelessly that he met an accident or we might think that it must be his or his parent’s earlier birth sins that they are facing this sorrow. The truth is he himself attracted the loss of life. This may seem strange to you but that is true. He had written in his scrap book and on the walls of his room in bold letters “Bikers don’t die”. This statement was something his parents also felt strange but they were not aware and even their son was not aware that by writing these words and thinking about this would lead to what he claimed impossible to happen through his words. There are no accidents or co-incidences in life. We are responsible for our life, good or bad.

One more example I would share here. While surfing web, I came across a true story of guy. The guy told that one of his friend used to be very negative about life. He used to say that life is full of struggles, you lose your finance, people get various diseases, people are not faithful and ultimately you are sucked. Life sucks you. The guy saw that the friend who used to be so negative about everything gradually lost all his finances, he suffered from various diseases due to stress, no one was their for him to take care and finally he died of a serious disease. What he used to say that life sucks, ultimately manifested as a truth in his life. This guy who told this real life story was aware of the law of Universe and so knew why this all happened to his friend inspite of him repeatedly making his friend understand that life is beautiful.

Negative thoughts and words are powerful but positive thoughts and words are much more powerful than the negative ones. We saw above two examples where negative words spoken or written have manifested as truth. Even when you pray to god for something, be careful what you say in prayer. Suppose a person wants money to pay his debts, he prays to god “God! Please get me out of these debts”. He daily prays but he is not aware that by praying this he is praying for debt not for money. Unintentionally he is focusing on debt and attracting more of it. Instead, if he prays “God! Thank you for the abundant money”, he will attract abundant money and he will be out of debt. This applies to every aspect of life such as health, relationship, work, etc. If any negative thought enters your mind, you should replace it with positive thoughts by focusing on what you want instead of focusing on what you don’t want no matter what outer world seem to you that time. When you change within, you change outer world. Trying to change outer world without changing within is a sheer wastage of time and efforts leading to frustration and depression.

Similarly I have also seen amazing life experiences where awesome people with amazing positive energy and feelings are living amazing life. Each day they are living life to the fullest.

My message here is, if you are careful about your thoughts, feelings, words spoken or written, you can create beautiful life for you and spread joy and love around you.

Always remember, only you are responsible for you life, good or bad. People around you may influence your life but they cannot create your life. Only you can create your life and if you learn how to create amazing life and how to prevent yourself from negative thoughts and influences, you will be master of your life because you have that power.


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