Style sense

Some three years back, a simple shy yet confident girl was in her initial career of Chartered accountany. Busy with her job and living with simple dressing, simple hairstyle and looks, always appreciated stylish looks of other girls including looks of many celebrities. Her work was always appreciated in office. One day she was asked to address an audience of around 100 people in an official presentation. Her task was to introduce the presentation and addressing vote of thanks at end. It was communicated to her in a very short notice few hours before the presenation. Though it was only introduction and vote of thanks speech but the thought to address 100 people including top management of various industries made her quite nervous as it was her first time facing such a large professional audience. Most important was that the speech including other official presentations by various other proffesionals in the organization was going to be recorded and an official video was to be launched. She performed very well. The video of conference was launched and was shown to all people in the orgainzation, especially who could not attend the conference. She was also invited to see herself on dias delivering the speech. She was really excited to see herself on the screen but when she appeared on the screen, it made her upset. Nevertheless her speech was very good, everyone out there appreciated her performance but she was not happy at all. The thing which made her upset was her looks. She felt something was missing in her looks, her personality, but could not identify what was missing. With confusion, she approached her friends in office who had seen her speech live as well as on the screen. She asked her friends about her looks and shared her feelings. She said something is missing in me, but don’t know what. Her friends smiled and said, you are perfect, you are beautiful, you are a very good human being but if at all you really feel something is missing in your looks then we would suggest you to makeover your hairstyle. Change your hairstyle a bit, give your hairs, a style. Simplicity is beauty but change in hair style would suit to your face and your personality, try it. Some where her heart also agreed to this. She went to beauty parlour and got a her hair a bit trimmed with a style. It was not a complete makeover but her looks changed. On the first day at work with a changed hairstyle when she entered office, everyone was like “Aww! You got new hairstyle? This new hairstyle looks awesome on you…you look more beautiful”. It was a kind of great surprise to her receiving so many compliments. She was so happy. Earlier she was a bit conscious with new look but her confidence grew high in the air when everyone in family and at work appreciated her. She gave her heartfelt thanks to her friends for their suggestion which really worked not because everyone appreciated her but because she loved her new looks when she first time looked into the mirror after changing the hairstyle. Her friends deserved the credit for this improved looks.

After that day, not only hairstyle but her overall personality changed for better and better. She always appreciated others for style in their personality but now she was having a perfect stylish personality. Most important thing was she was confident about her stylish personality with a simple nature. Stylish here would not mean wearing classy clothes or designer accessories or make up but it means wearing clothes, accessories, and looks which suits your personality. She always had perfect sense of dressing and loved her personality which was enhanced after hair make over.

For last three years she is living with perfect personality with a style, appreciated by everyone. By this time, you could have guessed who is this girl.

You guessed it right.

That’s me. Yes..this was my life experience of year 2012 and thereafter till now. The reason why I shared this with you all is because I want to give a message to all guys and girls out there, do not do anything in life unless your heart agrees to do. I have seen many young as well as elderly people, who makeover themselves, who changes their looks to look beautiful. Their dressing and everything changes by ditto copying others, may be by looking at friends or favorite celebrities. They forget to identify what suits to their personality. They forget to understand that they are different person and that blindly following anyone in looks and dressing would not give them their best personality, rather they would attract funny comments from people eventually creating dissatisfaction in them leading to negativity and depression.

My style in personality and hairstyle did not change the person I was. The unique persona which I had since long was the same. Gargi was not changed, thus style in the personality blossomed. I am the same person as I was earlier.

Making improvements in ourselves and blindly following others in life are two different things. First is being ourselves and improving for better and second is losing ourselves by pretending to be someone else. Never do this. Be yourself. Love yourself the way you are. If you feel something missing in your personality, then sit calm for a while, appreciate good things in you and then think what is missing. If you could not get an answer, ask your friends and family who can give you genuine frank opinion about what improvement is needed but alway remember do not change the person within. Be the person you are, love yourself and then see how you get amazing loving people in your life.

Adopting a style is a good thing only if the style that you adopt suits your personality, makes you feel good in heart and you are comfortable and confident in that style.



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