Ideas cannot be created, they already exist


Whenever we get an idea for doing something new or unique or say anything, then we say “I got an idea” or we say “An idea came to my mind” and if we are in a group then we say “We got an idea”. Have you ever heard anyone saying “I created an idea” or “We created an idea”?

Answer would be “No”, atleast I have never heard anyone saying “I created an idea”. Though everyone would agree to this that we say “I got an idea” and not “I created an idea”, no one would know the reason behind this. No one have even thought of why we say like that. It is an important point to give a thought into the reason for this statement. The reason for this is, ideas already exist, we do not create them.

Now you would be surprised what I am talking about. Those who have read about “Quantum mechanics” and “Law of attraction” and related topics in my earlier posts or through any other source, would probably understand what I am trying to explain here. If you do not know about quantum mechanics and the law of attraction, then I would recommend you to first visit my blog posts on those topics and then read this post because it will help you to understand the content given here, in a clear and better way.

As we know that everything in this universe is energy, may it be living beings or non-living things, all have different frequencies and vibrations. We human are capable of thinking. We have been blessed with an intelligent mind which is capable of thinking around 60000 thoughts on an average in a day. As mentioned above, we are also energies and our life is governed by our thoughts. We see our life experiences per our thoughts. Whatever we think, we attract to ourselves as life experiences because of the law of attraction which is the most powerful law in this Universe. We give out thoughts on a certain frequency either intentionally or unintentionally and attract like people, things, situations that resonate to the frequency of given out thoughts, in our physical life.

Coming back to ideas, ideas are the possibilites existing in the meta physical world, of something being created or manifested in the physical world. When you say you got an idea for doing something, that means you reached or say tuned into the frequency of that particular idea already existing in the air (Universe). This means your thoughts were on the same frequency as that of the possible idea.

Suppose you are a Java programmer and you are thinking about developing a unique Application (App) with unique features, suddenly a design of unique app as you wanted struck your mind and you shout “Yes!!! Got an idea”. This might have happened with eveyone in their respective professions but how and why this happens. Taking again programming example above, we saw that the java developer was thinking of developing a unique app, he was thinking and thinking about the stuff and giving out the thoughts on a certain frequency and ultimately his thoughts reached/tuned into the frequency of the perfect unique app as he wished for. When his thoughts reached that frequency, the possible idea (thought waves) resonated to this thoughts and he was able to see the unique app to be developed in his mind. Again, here I am saying as “possible idea” because the idea has no material or physical existence. It is a possible thought wave which can be converted into physical matter if the person who got the idea works on that to materialize it. Suppose, the Java developer who got the idea, did not act to develop the app then will the idea be materialized? No. It might happen that someone else also gets the same idea and acts on it, then it will materalize in the physical world. Point here is not about who first got the idea, important to understand is that ideas are thought waves already existing in the air with possibilities of being materialized in the physical world.

I read somewhere about the great scientist Edison who invented alternate current. When people gave him credit for this great invention, he refused to accept the credit and said that the idea of alternate current already existed in the air, if I would not have got it, someone else would have got that and invented it.

The crux of all the above explanation is you can create your life the way you want by tuning into the required frequency whether unintentionally or deliberately. I have already explained the process of manifestation in my previous posts so again not mentioning how we can create the life of our dreams. We are responsible for everything we experience in our life either good or bad. So if we want to create a beautiful life, we need to direct our thoughts into good ie. High frequency. High frequency thoughts are gratitude, appreciation, kindness, encouragement, care, love, affection. Among all these, gratitude and love are the most powerful frequencies in the Universe which does miracles everyday.


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