Money Money Money – Universe is so perfect

Since last week I was waiting for an important payment. However, the payment was getting delayed, don’t know about the reason. This made me quite upset. Then I realised that I am waiting for payment and focusing on not receiving it in time and thus it is getting delayed. So I decided to let it go and said to myself that I will receive the money at perfect time as planned by Universe.

Today I went out for getting my vehicle serviced and for checking battery. At the shop, when the person was checking battery, I was just looking around and my eyes got stuck on an advertisement board put on a pole opposite to me. On that board, it was written in bold “Money Transfer” and some other text in small fonts. When I saw this, I smiled and said to myself “I love money, money flows to me easily, thank you god for the money”. Few minutes after this, I just opened mobile to take photographs of monsoon clouds spread all over the sky. As monsoon is now approaching I was quite excited to welcome rains. After clicking 2 photographs, as I was about to put the phone back in my bag, I saw an sms. I opened the sms and guess what!!! It was from my bank stating that my payment has been credited…Wow!!!! I was so surprised and happy because when I saw the words on advertisement board as ” Money transfer”, it was Universe telling me that my most awaited payment has been transferred to my account. I couldn’t believe gratitude has such an amazing power and Universe is so prompt in communicating. This was one more super experience of the law of attraction.


6 thoughts on “Money Money Money – Universe is so perfect

    1. If you apply intentional LOA with your heartfelt gratitude, it will surely work. I am sure you will get your money at the perfect timing because Universe’s timing is always the best.


    1. Yes. When I am alert about what I see, hear or happens around me, I do experience such incidences and it enhances my faith in the almighty Universe and the power within me…and most important, the law of Universe.

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      1. You will surely get to that level, I believe. Interestingly, I do not do any meditation. I tried a lot to do meditation but I cannot sit calm for long the way meditation requires to do. So I just keep my frequency high most of the time to attract good things more and more. You might have read my blog post on mood shifters, I take help of various mood shifters if I am not feeling good, to raise my frequency and alongwith my CA profession, I do read self help books that always gives me more and more inspiration for all areas of my life. More and more time I spent with family and doing things I love.:-)

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