Universe communicates so fast

Yesterday while doing my daily workout in morning, I was on my stationary bike cycling and simultaneously downloading my favorite songs on my mobile from one of famous application for bollywood songs. My regular practice is to listen to my favorite bollywood songs while cycling on my stationery bike everyday. So yesterday I did the same. But something amazing happened while I was getting my favorite songs from app. As I was searching for few good songs, I was sirfing through the list of movies and to my utter delight I came across some of the movies whose songs I really love but some how I had forgotten and did not look for those songs for months and never expected that I would have those songs in my phone. When I saw those movies in the app, it remembered me of those songs and immediately I downloaded those favorite songs. This made me feel so happy, can’t express by words also. The songs which I longed to hear, now I was having it in my phone, Universe did not forget my wish and gave me the app for the songs. I immediately thanked god for this and said ‘I love you god’, this was a very genuine feeling. After saying those words, suddenly something appeared on my phone screen on which song was being downloaded. On top of the screen where ads were published through the app, some words appeared in bold. Can you guess what was written? The words were “GOD LOVES YOU”. When I saw this I was stunned. These words appeared immediately after I said “I love you god”. Isn’t this amazing. Universe communicated to my words. This was not first time where I expressed my gratitude and love for god, but the way Universe communicated was awesome. I am really happy. If you have also experienced any such beautiful stuff, do share in comments to this post.


2 thoughts on “Universe communicates so fast

  1. Oh this always happened to me when I listened to the radio regularly. I would think of a song and wish to hear it. Within two or three days it would be played on radio! I did not know them that it was the law of attraction. I know now 🙂


    1. Yes. Even I did not know that this is Law of attraction. When I was a school going kid, me and my friends used to talk about any movie and that movie would be appear on television in next one or two days.. Wow!!! That time I was totally ignorant about law of Universe. Now I am aware. Universe is awesome.:-)

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