A strange dream and a shocking reality

Two days back early morning I had a dream. In my dream I was telling my friends that I have joined a new company “Cortex International”. After telling this I woke up. It was an odd feeling because I never heard about any company named “Cortex International”. I don’t know why such dream came. Even the spelling of the name of the company was clearly visible when I informed my friends about the company in my dream.

After some time I forgot about the dream and got busy in everyday work. While taking shower, suddenly I remembered the dream and again started thinking about why “Cortex International”? I mean I never heard about any such company then how come I saw it in dream. It was really a surprising dream about something I never saw or heard of in reality and it appeared in dream that too in early morning 6 am. Some how my mind and heart was not ready to ignore the dream just like any other dream. Suddenly then an idea came to my mind just to check on google whether actually any such company exists on this earth. So after taking shower I opened the computer and logged on to google. In search box I typed “Cortex International” and pressed ENTER. Then what appeared on screen was a big shock to me. My mouth was open for few seconds literally. In the search result the 1st was a link to the company website “Cortex International”…spelling and name all exactly what I saw in dream. I went on company website, it is a company manufacturing hair style accessories in USA. It is a leading brand in USA and major contributor to entertainment industry for the products. I was speechless when I saw this. Still I have not understood any connection between my dream and this company because I have no plans to go abroad right now but I have mailed to this company, not yet received any reply. However I am still not serious about this strange dream..but some times Universe does crazy acts. Great going universe..hats of to you.


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