10 Rupees

This is a really interesting experience of my mom.  Two years back I had put a “10 Rupees” currency note on one of the almirahs at home with a note on it saying “Thank you for all the money I have been given throughout my life”. This I did to see everyday and feel good about money and give my heartfelt gratitude to the Universe for all the money I have been given throughout my life.

My mom and dad till now do not much believe in this power of thoughts and positive affirmations but they never prevent me from believing or applying the positive affirmations for my tasks.  They have always given me freedom to do what I want unless it does not hurt anyone.  One of the reason for this is they trust me and my tasks and are sure that whatever I do is for the good.

Now coming back to this experience, yesterday, while doing some work my mom saw the currency note on the almirah and the words written on it.  From last many days mom had not given much attention to this note but yesterday she did.  When she saw the currency note and read the words written on them, she felt good.  She felt good about money and about the blessings Universe has given her in life.  She just read the words and said thank you to the Universe for the money and then got busy in doing everyday work.  Then she totally forgot about the “10 Rupees” currency note.  This all happened in morning yesterday and the same evening, ie. yesterday evening, when my mom took a recipe book to check some recipes, I was sitting besides her studying for my second semester exam.  Suddenly mom shouted “10 Rupees”.  I looked at her with surprise.  She showed me “10 Rupees” currency note.  I did not understand what happened.  She said look I got “10 Rupees” note in this recipe book.  She was so happy, I said OK but what’s so exciting about it.  Then she told me how she noticed the currency note on the almirah and the gratitude words written on it and how she felt good about money.  She realised that her good feelings and gratitude attracted the “10 Rupees” in the recipe book and that too when she least expected it.   Her joy was not for 10 rupees but it was for understanding and realising that she attracted 10 rupees through good feelings and gratitude.

This made her some what positive about power of gratitude, positive affirmations and good feelings.  I am really happy that mom is happy.  I am sure dad would also understand about law of attraction soon.  After all my task is to spread happiness.


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