Dancercise – Lost 5 kgs

From June 2014 till December 2014, don’t know how I gained weight. May be due to eating outside food due to excess official tours and less physical activity I gained weight. It was contstant at 65 kgs since last 1 year but started increasing and reached 67.7 kgs which I realised during my official tour at Shanghai. This increase in weight made me worried but I tried to calm myself and avoid negative thoughts.

I thought to enjoy Shanghai tour and then plan to reduce weight on returning India. As I was aware of law of attraction, I kept myself away from negative and dissatisfactory thoughts about my weight because worrying would only increase weight not reduce.

On returning India, I started workouts once a day either morning or evening atleast three times a week. Due to job, I could not get much time for workout but I tried my best to exercise and be positive about my perfect weight. I used to visualize myself in my perfect weight atleast once a day whenever I feel it good to visualize. In my vision I was in my perfect weight. I stopped weighing, even looking at weighing scales because it would only remind me about weight and I wished to focus on my desired weight so I avoided weighing and continued with my routine. As my height is pretty good, no one would much realise increase in weight but I was feeling uncomfortable living with this weight. So I did all my best to workout regularly.

Two months passed. It was February 2015, again on official tour. For around 1 month I had stopped drinking morning tea. Instead of normal tea, I consumed green tea with honey to avoid sugar and daily gave thanks to my perfect weight to god. I really loved drinking green tea but it could not replace normally tea which was a habit. In February, during my official tour I could not avoid eating outside, so was bit upset but there was no other option. I thought my weight was still 67, so that made me more upset. At my hotel room, therse was a weighscale. A thought came to check weight but I said to myself, what is the use of checking weight, you are 67 kgs change but still I dared to check my weight and guess what I was surprised. The scale showed 65 kgs. I could not believe my eyes. So again checked twice and it was same 65 kgs. I was so happy and motivated to do more efforts for getting my perfect weight.

I resumed my normal tea and stopped green tea because I did not much enjoy it for long time. For next two months I continued workout but could not see any change in my weight. The reason was I was not enjoying my workout. During workout, only one thought occupied my mind that I am workingout because I want to reduce weight and my focus would unintentionally go to weight and the law of attraction would work faithfully for my negative thoughts and my weight remained constant at 65 kgs.

One evening I asked Universe to guide me to proper effective workout so that I could enjoy it. That same evening I read about Suryanamaskar (Sun salutation) yoga. I got inspired to try it for the first time. So I started it very next day. Initially I did 10 Suryanamaskars, not in morning but in evening at home. It would seem funny doing sun salutation in evening but thats true. Due to time limitations in morning, I chose evening time. Starting with 10, I increased it to 51 Suryanamaskars everyday. It was like something impossible became possible. Yes I did 51 sun salutations consecutively and comfortably almost everyday for some 20 days but could not continue due to pain in wrists. Due to pressure on wrists while doing suryanamaskar, I could not continue with it anymore. Again this made me a bit upset. I asked Universe whether I would achieve my desired weight and what would be the perfect workout for me. I used to do cycling and some streching exercise. But never much enjoyed them.

One day while going to office in morning I asked Universe to show me word “Perfect” anywhere as a sign that I would get my perfect weight back. Then I searched here and there for this word but could not find any, so I let it go. After two days I totally forgot about this word and my request to Universe and that’s when it happened. I went out for some work during weekoff and on my way in city unexpectedly my eyes got stuck on a shop. The name of the shop was “Perfect”. For few seconds I was stunned. I gazed at the word like anything. Universe gave me sign, it delighted me. Then I decided to just feel good about my present body and be grateful that I have reduced to 65 kgs and also be grateful to all the blessings in my life. I continued with my workout like cycling, squatting, plank and bit of stretching exercise. I did not think of negative thoughts about weight gain and if sometimes negative thoughts would crop up, I replaced them with thoughts of my perfect weight by looking at my perfect desired weight pictures on google, it really made me feel good. Everyday I would appreciate perfectly figured women wherever I would see. After around three months, one day at work, my collegues said, what happened, you have reduced so much weight. I said “nothing, I am as I was…I might have reduced a bit but not much”. These compliments made me feel good and encouraged me to check my weight but I did not. For last 10 days I have started “dancercise”, ie. Dance + exercise. I always enjoy dance as it is the best type of exercise. While watching dance + exercise workouts on web I got inspired to do that because I love to dance and dance with exercise never makes me feel that I am specially doing it for weight loss. So since last 10 days I am everyday 1.5 hours doing dancercise plus cycling in morning and 40 mins of cycling alternate evening. I am really enjoying this workout and feel grateful for all blessings in my life. Today I checked my weight and bingo!!! I weigh 62.5 kgs. I could not believe, I have reduced to 62.5 kgs from 67.7in december 2014, ie. More than 5 kgs…wow!!! I am literally feeling light weight and enjoying my regular tea and all foods. I never did any dieting in my life and will never do it because its not needed. I am heading towards my perfect weight. I am getting skinny day by day. Nothing is impossible as long as you believe in yourself and Universe.



3 thoughts on “Dancercise – Lost 5 kgs

  1. I have tried everything to lose weight. Diets, swimming, gym, surya namaskar even. Nothing has been sustainable. Recently I started focusing on my perfect weight and stop worrying about weight loss. But that too seems to not work. I feel bloated. Your story tells me I am on the right path and have to try and get rid of the negative thoughts! I also like your idea of having the universe suggest the best workout… Some thing I will enjoy 🙂 thanks…


    1. Yes..Universe always guides perfectly. We just need to ask. Try to communicate with Universe regularly in all aspects. Universe loves us unconditionally and wants to be happy always. We were born with perfect weight so that means universe gave us perfect weight but we have not maintained it due to negative thoughts. Always try to focus on what you want and see the magic. Start with looking at images of your perfect weight on web and give thanks to the Universe for your perfect weight, appreciate women with perfect weight around you or wherever you see them and if you see any fat lady then just ignore without giving any single feeling or thought for them, behave as if you haven’t seen them but do appreciate perfectly figured ladies always. Start with the above, you will notice changes in yourself slowly. Lastly, ask universe for best workout which you will enjoy:-)))


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