Exit from your entrance facing north

This experience again made me realise that to achieve our goals and live our dreams, important is our strong determination towards achieving our goal, our strong belief in our dreams our vision, our high self confidence and unwaivering faith in the Universe.

This incidence happened some 7 years back when I was in CA Finals. After appearing for 3 attempts I was not able to clear my exams. As I had not done any coaching in CA Finals and studied on my own except one paper ie. Financial management where I took guidance from notes of my friend who attended coaching classes, it was quite difficult to understand where I lacked in studies. It was my free will not to do coaching and I did my best with all my heart for passing all 8 papers (4 papers in 1 group – ie. Total 2 groups). I got exemption in one paper but still 7 papers need to be cleard. When I was not able to pass 7 papers even after 3 attempts, I was disappointed. My self confidence started going down. I could not understand why I not able to pass the exam. My family suggested me to do coaching but I was firm not to go for it. Because of disappointment and low self confidence, I approached astrologer as suggested by many people to get some guidance for my exams and to understand why I am not able to clear the papers. The astrologer said that my stars and planetory positions were not favourable, so I am not able to clear my exams. He suggested me to do some fasts and also told me that whenever I go for exam I should exit from main door, facing north tillI reach main gate of my house compound. As our main door was situated on north-west direction, I had to go out facing north so it was something like I had to exit not straight but walking side wise and backward to the main gate of the compound. I came home after visiting astrologer and tried at home how it would look like exiting main entrance side wise and backward. I literally tried it and suddenly something within me said “Hang on Gargi!!!… What are you doing and why are you doing this to yourself”? What is the connection between walking backwards and your passing the exams? What is the connection between not eating food and passing your exams? How all this can help you pass your CA Finals? Does god want you to do all this to clear your exams? Have you come till this stage in CA Finals by fasting or by studying and giving your best? If you have succeeded till CA Final only based on your merits then why now do all these fasting and going out backwards, side ways…why?

I was surprised the way I was thinking and the way I trusted others than myself. I literally laughed on myself for acting on the above suggestions. Then I decided not to do any fasting and not to exit from entrance side way or backward but to exit straight way as normal person because I understood that to pass my exams I need to be positive and need to believe that CA Finals are achievable. Then, I started again with my studies being positive and full of self confidence and utter faith in myself, my dream and almighty god. I did not inform astrologer uncle about not following his suggestions because it could have hurt him and as he was really good human being I did not share this info with him. My family also supported me. I studied and appeared for my exams with full confidence and Bingo!!! I passed 2nd group. Now I was much encouraged to clear 1st group also. In the next attempt I appeared for 1st group again and passed it with good marks. I could not believe my eyes when I saw my marksheet. I became CA based on my knowledge, studies and blessings of all. I did not do any fasts or any other stuff but only studies with positive attitude.

When people do not get what they want or if it is taking time to fulfill their wishes, they lose confidence and faith in god. Their belief in their dreams weakens and so they go for external helps like astrologers, palmist, occult and act per suggestions given. Astrologers, atc. will always suggest you something because you approached them.

I learned from this experience that focusing on not getting wish fulfilled, pushes our wishes away rather than fulfilling. I was focusing on “not passing exam” and so was attracting that again and again and the moment I became determined and positive about my dream, I manifested it beautifully.

So the most important part of achieving our goals is our strong belief in the beauty of our dreams, our strong determination, our high self confidence, appropriate action with positive approach and unwaivering faith in the Universe. Apart from above, nothing is needed to achieve our goals in life.


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