Again a miracle – Law of Universe always works

One more experience of deliberate use of law of attraction for healing someone. One of my friend’s father was seriously ill. He was hospitalized around 1.5 months back. Since, over last one and half months he was in hospital suffering from various health issues one after another. The medication was on but recovery was not visible. He had diabetes, septic spread up in whole body due to low immune system, kidney function problem, toe surgery, continuous insulin injections, water accumulation in lungs which was then taken out by medication. Then memory loss problem due to blood clotting in brain. Due to god’s grace, memory was recovered in a day but due to all above health issues he was suffering from lot of pain and was not able to tolerate it and was continuously crying all day. My friend and all the friends in the group were continuously praying to god for his early recovery. Doctors had said that continuous health problems one after another could be life threatening.

Since I knew about power of gratitude and positive vibes and as I had experience of miraculous healing by deliberate application of the law of Universe earlier, I started giving gratitude for his amazing health everyday and night. However, my friend informed me that she cannot see much improvement in his health and that doctors also were not sure till how much more days he will be kept in hospital. I suggested to take another opinion from different doctor just to confirm that the treatment was going correct. Our aim was his early recovery and discharge from hospital. He was kept in ICU since past 1 month. On Sunday 24th May 2015, we decided to take another expert opinion on Monday. On Sunday night while doing my prayer before going to bed, I visualized his father on bed in ICU and a bright golden light entering his head and going out from his toe healing his all body from head to toe. After visualizing this I gave heartfelt thanks to god for healing him and giving him amazing health. Next day, I was feeling that we will not be going to take another opinion. Somehow I felt this. Then around 11:00 am I called my friend to ask about her father’s health and to my utter surprise she said that he is recovering and will be discharged on Friday, ie. in 4 days…. Oh my god…just couldn’t believe my ears. I was so happy to hear this. Till Sunday doctors were not sure whether he will be discharged from hospital soon and Monday morning they said after 4 days he can go home. Can u believe this how positive thoughts and gratitude does miracles. I was really speechless. That day I with my father first time visited his father in hospital and he was sleeping on bed in ICU exactly as I had visualised. We spoke to him. He is recovering. Everyones’ prayer worked. I could have told her to apply power of thoughts and gratitude but right now she is not in a position to focus on such things and I am not sure whether she would believe in LOA. So I tried for her and it worked. Ofcourse all people have prayed and their prayers have been answered but important is the intensity of the positive thought and our unwaivering faith in our positive thoughts and the Universe. Today is Tuesday and I am sure her father will go home on Friday. I have not shared this with my friend because its not needed. My big thanks to god for all his love and care for his loved ones.


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