Millions are experiencing, not only me.

Today not only me, but millions of people in this world are experiencing the magic of gratitude and the law of Universe.  Since I have got the knowledge of power of gratitude and the law of attraction, I have been conciously feeling and experiencing the improvement in my everyday life which I share here with you all.  There are many people who do not believe in the power of gratitude and the law of Universe.  One cannot impose or force one’s thoughts on others and that should not be done.  In everyone’s life, there comes one point of time when the person starts believing in the unseen.  In the present world, people believe in what they see but at one point, a situation comes in life when the person believes in the unseen.  ‘Unseen’ here means almighty Universe and its unbelievable power.

People tell me that you are enlightened but all are not, so no point in discussing or writing about the law of universe or the power of thoughts on your blog.

I would say, its not enlightement, its a very simple thing that I am concious about what I think, feel and say all time.  I am almost all time alert about what happens around me.  I am careful about what I think, hear and say.  I am grateful to every aspect of my life and that heartfelt gratitude is showing me the goodness in life and improving me and my life everyday in every way for better and better.

Not only me but there are millions of people who are improving their lives by expressing gratitude to the Universe for their present life and blessings.  Just search on google about the law of Uinverse and the success stories, you will realise how people are making their dreams come true and living the life they wish with the knowlege of the Law.  When the person truly and correctly understands the law of Universe, he can always make his life better and better.  Listening to my discussions about the law, the power of thoughts and gratitude, few people told me that there are negativity of positive thinking also because if a person tries to be positive in all situations, then he tends to be away from reality.  Here, my view is a bit different, per my view to live a life facing all the challenges and achieving one’s goal, optimistic atitude is must. Without being positive one cannot live.  Just think any moment in life where being negative has taken you to some good stuff.  Its always gratitude and positive attitude in life which takes you to your goal and the best example of being positive in any negative situation is the ‘Hope’.  ‘Hope’ is not just a word but its the most important aspect of life.  A single hope for good thing takes out the person from any damn negative situation.  ‘Hope’ is a positive word.  In any negative situation, we remember god, we ask help from god.  By praying to god, we are giving out positive vibes that helps us to get out of the negative situation.  So just think, whether positivity has any negativity?

Being positive or negative is a choice given to you by the Universe.  Choose what you want and see the results.

“Life is like a mirror, it smiles at you if you smile at it”.

If you see world as BAD, it will be BAD to you.  If you see world as AMAZING, it will unfold amazing beauty in front of your very eyes.  Choose, what you wish to see, only you can create your life, either positive or negative.


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