Attracted Rains – Unbelievable but true

Do we have power to attract rains?

I am sharing this experience because not once but every time it has happened.

When I was a school going kid, I used to read, listen and see in TV serials about Taansen ji (honored singer in king Akbar’s kingdom) who was not only a great singer but also divinely blessed for his vocal. I had learned during my childhood that he could attract rains by singing a particular raag. I do not know the name of that raag. It always surprised me with a question ..can anyone attract rains? Whenever I asked about Taansen ji’s singing that could attact rains, my elders would explain me that yes…he could attract rains by singing a particular raag and giving out specific vibrations into the universe which had tremendous power to attract rain.

As I grew up and got buzy making my career, I eventually forgot about all this stuff. Then two years back when I learned about law of universe that thoughts and vibrations are powerful and can attract anything which may seem impossible. I could then understand about Tansen ji’s story.

I never thought that people like us also have power of attracting rain. This might sound wierd to many people at first instance but thats true. Why I am talking about this is because I have experienced this. I don’t know about whether I attracted rains before I learned about law of universe, may be I might have, even other people also might have attracted rains. But since past two years I have realised that whenever I listen to rain songs or sing rain songs and feel good about rains or visualize rains and feel it as real, it rain in reality every time no matter what the season is. Even in winter, spring and summer it rained. After feeling good about rains, within two three days or some times the same day or in a week it rained. I know its hard to believe for many people but this is true. Out of many such experiences, only once I had attracted rains intentionally but rest of the time it happened unintentionally though rains were for just few minutes or an hour or so but it happened and whenever it rained though for just few minutes or an hour, I saw happiness on everyones face around me because everyone likes rain. I was really speechless as I experienced this and understood the mechanism of our thoughts and vibrations. The Law of Universe is awesome. I never shared this experience with any one. First time I am writing about this here.

Now I understand that whenever on this earth it rains or does not, people in this world attract that intentionally or unintenionally. This is true. Thoughts are really powerful.


5 thoughts on “Attracted Rains – Unbelievable but true

  1. Am a big believer in the Law of the Universe! I see instances of it everyday… it excites me and scares me in equal measure!


    1. Hi Ankita,
      Thanks for following my blog and adding me to your network. I am too a big believer of LOA from past two years. Just want to ask a question. You said you are scared also about LOA. What makes you scared?


      1. What makes me scared is that sometimes I have no control over my thoughts. My fears crop up. While I consciously try to tell myself to get rid of the negative thoughts, they do linger sometimes. If these fears become my reality? That is what scares me 🙂


      2. Oh ok. When such happens with me, instead of trying to get rid of negative thoughts, I focus on the opposite that is positive images and quotes on web. For past 15 days I have started a practice or say prayer to god which gives amazing positive energy and also keeps my surrounding atmosphere and people positive. This prayer is “Thank you god for all the love, peace, divine light, faith, patience and amazing health to my family, myself and all the people in the world”.


      3. That sounds powerful. Let me try it. At this point in life, I need something like that 🙂 Thanks


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