Thanks to those great inventions

In India, presently its a summer time. Majority of places in the country are facing more than 45 degree temperature. Every where at work and home people are expressing their bad feeling about the rising temperature. Whoever I meet and wherever I go, only one topic is discussed and that is summer and the rising heat. Everyone is criticizing and giving their tired and bad feelings for the heat. As a human, I also understand how people survive in such a significant heat, especially poor and homeless people. But when I see and hear people with a comfortable financial position like me and also from people who are financially very sound and are having every comfort and luxury in life, criticizing heat, I wonder in spite of having a comfortable life, why people complain. It can be understood that it is quite difficult to move outside house or office in such a heat but when we are under shelter, can’t we give our geartfelt gratitude to those great scientists who invented electricity, fan, air – conditioners, air coolers, rerigerators which are the greatest blessings today. Can’t we be grateful to the farmers who work day in and day out no matter what the season is, to grow the delicious vegetables, fruits and cereals which keep our body cool and healthy. Can’t we be grateful for our amazing healthy metabolism which keeps us healthy by regularly perspiring and giving us signal to hydrate our body time to time. Can’t we be grateful to local authorities who provide us with regular water supply. Can’t we be grateful to all those shopkeepers, manufacturers, retailers and distributors who make all the above products readily available for us to buy and use. And the most important, can’t we be grateful to supreme intelligence, the Universe who created those amazing things through those people.

Here what I am saying is not only to be positive in life but to maintain your high frequency most of the time because gratitude has the highest frequency and a single word of gratitude can do big miracles. Can we imagine our life without the above mentioned things and the comforts which we experience through them. Just imagine life without electricity or everyday food or regular water supply. Can anyone live without these basic things in life? If we are blessed to get all these basic things and the people living in luxury, shouldn’t we give heartfelt thanks to the Universe for those great inventions through which we are surviving in the rising temperature today.

Unintentionally we are attracting more and more heat because of our continuous bad feeling, complaints and irritation to the summer heat. Next time when we give our bad feeling to the season, atleast once we should think ” Am I going to reduce the temperature by complaining”?

The law of universe responds to our thoughts and feelings 24×7, believe it or not. Just think about it.


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