Refund in just one day

Early this month I had pre-ordered brand new note book from online shopping portal for which tentative date of launch was 6th May 2015. However, till 20th May 2015 the product was not launched. For some reason the launch was delayed. So I thought to cancel my order and release the blocked money to use it for other needs because I can order it again after the notebook is officially launched.

I cancelled the order on 20th May and received the message from shopping site that refund will be credited after 7-8 business days. I thought money will be credited in 2 days, so was little disappointed when saw the message. But I did not want to feel bad. So I just let it go. The next day morning ie. 21st May 2015, in the afternoon, to feel good about money and feel abundance, I opened images on web about abundance and images saying ” I am a money magnet”, “money flows to me easily”, etc. When I saw these images and messages about abundance, I started feeling good about money instantly. When I was looking at those images, the refund of money or anyother stuff was not in my mind. I genuinely looked at images just to feel good about money. After feeling good about money, I closed the internet and got busy in other everyday work. The same day in evening, I was checking mails in my phone and suddenly as message popped up. It was an sms from bank about my refund money credited to my account. I was like Wow!!!!! It was INR 14999, which is quite a good amount. I did not believe I got money in just one day. I was so happy. By feeling good about money, I attracted money so fast. Law of attraction always work.


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