Power Bank

Two months back I thought of buying my dream phone and while searching for the latest phones on the web I came accross a power bank from a well known brand.  It was around 4000 mah capacity battery.  Earlier I was not much aware of the gadget like power bank.  I just had a look at the features and specifications of the power bank and felt Wow!!! what a gadget, its so useful.   Then I forgot about it.  After around one month, I bought my dream phone and the life was going great as usual.

Though I forgot about the power bank but the Universe and its law did not.  Two days back, on some official occassion, my colleagues gifted me a 5200 mah power bank.  Wow!!!!

I had never discussed or told any one in my family, friends or colleagues about my wish to buy a power bank, I even did not say the word “power bank” in front of any one but Universe always listen to you.  Uinverse delivered my wish through my colleagues.  I am really grateful to my colleagues and the almighty Universe for this amazing gift.  For Universe, its not needed to speak out loud, one thought is enough to put a request [intentional or unintentional].

I am very happy to receive my power bank of 5200 mah ie. battery capacity more than what I saw on the web two months back and that too free of cost [as a gift].

Big thanks to the Universe for always fulfilling my tiniest to biggest wishes.  Thank you!!!!


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