Recall the best moment of the day

Every night before going to bed, I recall the best moment of the day and give my heartfelt gratitude to the Universe for giving that best moment to me.  Sometimes, the best moment comes before my eyes while recalling and it feels like I am again experiencing the amazing feeling.  Now a days, I am realizing that while recalling the best moment, it seems that there is no one best moment but two – three and sometime more than three.  It feels so amazing recalling the best moments of the day every night because it gives me one more opportunity to feel and express my gratitude towards Universe for giving me awesome moments in life.  Two years back when I started this practice, I used to hold a small white stone [with soft edges and smooth surface] in my hands while recalling best moment of the day with my eyes closed.  I had read about this practice in the book “The Magic” from Ms. Rhonda Byrne.  This book is all about expressing gratitude to the God for giving good things in life.  Every night before going to sleep I would do this exercise with all my heart and good feelings.  After one month, it became my habit and then I discontinued using the stone because without any reminder I would recall the best moments of the day before going to bed.  This practice also helps me to sleep with amazing happy feelings and get up the next day with all positive energy.

Even before I could know about this exercise, I always felt good while ending my day but since now a days there seems some or the other days when we get into negativity due to various stuffs in life and our busy routine, we forget to see goodness and express gratitude for all good stuff in life, this habit of recalling best moments before going to bed gives me amazing positive feeling to end my day and begin the next day with good feelings and full of energy.


6 thoughts on “Recall the best moment of the day

    1. Take a smooth white stone and hold it in your palms everynight before going to bed and by holding it recall the best moment of the day and give your heartfelt thanks to god. Do this for 21 nights continuously then it will become a habit and you will do it automatically without holding the stone. It is said that for cultivating any habit, you should do the activity continuously for 21 days in the same manner and at the same time.:-)

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