“NEWS” are always in news

“Breaking News”

Every where today in this world, “Breaking news” holds a lot of attention, content does not matter but news are always in news.

We see people around us, all the time discussing the news, may it be politics, bollywood, tellywood, sports, natural calamities, crimes, corruption and much more but seldom we see any material value addition to their own life or this world through such discussions.  Instead of discussing good news of the day, people are more interested in discussing negative news and world’s problems.  They are not discussing about the solutions to those problems but the problems.

We see people discussing, that politicians are not good, they are not doing any benefit for the society, etc. We see people discussing about celebrities and their personal lives.  We see people discussing about inflations and devaluating currency.  We see people discussing sports and sportsmen about their bad performances and their personal lives.  We see females discussing about TV serials and their stories.  We see people discussing crime and corruption and how law and order is not up to the mark to curb the same.  People discuss natural calamities and express their fear and agony towards rising death tolls and material loss.  Every where, discussion is only about what we do not like or what we are worried of or what we do not want.  Now, just think, by discussing the negative stuff, are we solving the problems actually?  Are we taking any single step towards not eliminating but at least reducing the negativity and increasing the positivity?

We say politicians are not working up to the mark, we are giving our view, but do we dare to enter politics and try to take steps towards making politics work up to the mark.  We give opinion about acting of bollywood stars that the particular actor does not know acting but do we know acting to give such an opinion?  We say that particular cricketer or tennis player did not perform well, but do we know how to play in tournament?  We discuss crime and corruption but do we do anything which would reduce these negative things.  We talk about death tolls in earth quakes and loss of life and belongings, we express fear for more and more loss, but do we reduce the loss by mere discussion.

The point here which requires attention is, discussions without positive actions would not lead to any uplifting of the society, state, country or this world.  Again, here I wish to share that discussing negativity will bring negativity in your own life.  If people wish to bring positivity in their lives and in this world, then they need to discuss good things, they need to discuss good achievements so far seen in this world, they need to discuss good developments in each area of profession and each area of this world.  They need to discuss and think about good things in their life and in this world.  They need to think and discuss about the solutions to the problems rather than only discussing the problems.  If any person cannot contribute to the solution for the problems in this world then they should at least prevent themselves from discussing the problems because discussing problems gives energy to the negative things to rise.  Discussing positive achievements and good things gives energy to positivity to rise.

Its always good to get updates from news but it is equally a point to think over when we next time discuss any news or any topic, that by discussing the stuff, are we contributing any value addition towards solving the problems in this world?  If not, then we should try to prevent our self from such discussions because ultimately we will attract negativity in our own life and no positive outcomes would be there, neither in our life nor in this world.



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